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3D animation with OpenGLES
This OpenGL_ES application show what isrequired to create an OpenGL ES 2.0 program that runs a 3Danimation.
LG G Stylo (MS631) English
On screen demo for the LG G Stylo (MS631) English
Keep Calm And Bunny ON
**This application sets the picture as wallpaper with/withoutresizing.****Select a picture from the gallery, ==>>>tap on<<<== it and set it as wallpaper.****Select the picture in the gallery and "share" it with Mess viabluetooth/WiFi.****Hight resolutin pictures!*****All your favorite "Keep Calm" wallpaper pictures for yourBunny. ******You can set as wallpaper, share or send to a friend.******Hight resolutin pictures!******Play with your screen via your Chubby, cute, knuffle Bunny,bugs bunny***
MPAndroidChart Example
This is the example application for theMPAndroidChart chart library / graph library on GitHub: is designed to create beautiful visual representations.The core features of the library include:- Compatible with Android 2.2 (API level 8) and upwards- 8 different chart types: line, bar (horizontal & vertical),pie, scatter, bubble, candlestick, radar (spider web)- Combined Charts- Scaling on both axes (with touch-gesture, axes separately orpinch-zoom)- Dual (separate) Y-Axis- Dragging / Panning (with touch-gesture)- Finger drawing (draw values into the chart withtouch-gesture)- Highlighting values (with customizeable popup-views)- Save chart to SD-Card (as image, or as .txt file)- Predefined color templates- Legends (generated automatically, customizeable)- Animations- Limit lines- Fully customizeable (paints, typefaces, legends, colors,background, gestures, dashed lines, ...)This project is meant to demonstrate the features of the libraryand motivate developers to make use of it.Recent changes / improvements (app version):2.1.3- Fixes concerning stacked-bars (negative)- Fixes concerning grouped-bars- More customization- General bugfixes2.1.0- New chart type: BubbleChart- Fixed issue concerning elevation- Fixed issue concerning jumping x-axis- General bugfixes2.0.9- LimitLine for both XAxis and YAxis- Inverted YAxis now working for all chart types- Animation easing- More styling options- More viewport modification methods- Bugfixes2.0.8- Major performance improvements- Bugfixes2.0.7- Bugfixes- Included JavaDoc2.0.1- Dual YAxis- HorizontalBarChart- CombinedChart- Performance improvements- Removed nineoldandroids library- Removed v4 support library- Bugfixes1.7.4- fixed memory leak issue- fixed issue concerning clipping with Activity attributescreenSize | orientation- improved PieChart and RadarChart offset calculation (withLegend)- dragging and scaling can now be enabled/disabled separately- radarchart fix- more examples- general bugfixes1.6.5- fixed issue concerning background color- fixed issue concerning ScatterChart clipping- fixed issue concerning zero values- fixed empty PieChart crash1.6.3- improved dynamical data adding / removing- fixed crash in example app- general bugfixes1.6.2- more custom value formatting- fixed scrolling and zooming issues on other scrollable surfaces(like ListView or ViewPager)- general bugfixes- fixed known issues1.5.2- entries and datasets can now be added and removeddynamically- custom label and value formatting- more generics- fixed known issues- bugfixes in the example1.4.1- new chart type: RadarChart (spider net chart)- grouped BarChart (grouped DataSets)- over-draw feature- fixed known issues1.3.3- grouped barchart- bugfixes1.3.2- cubic-line charts- added support for API level 8- bugfixes1.3.1- introducing candle-stick chart- fixed known issues1.2.2- new data model improvements- animations for all chart types- limit lines- fixed known issues1.1.2- introducing the new data model (different DataSet types for eachchart type)- legend improvements- y-axis can now be inverted1.0.8- added chart in ListView example- added multiple chart-types in ListView example1.0.6- listview in example- fixed issue concerning saveToGallery(...)1.0.5- bugfix concerning centerViewPort(...) method- piechart improvements (space between bars)- piechart bugfix (highlighting)- removed dead code1.0.4- The x- and y-axis labels can now be positioned anywhere aroundthe chart- Improvements in the legend- Fixed known issues
Flash Browser
VVA Game
Flash browser is the only browser specialized for Mediatekplatform. since now, you must have found and used so many browsers,which have different features and different hot points. Howevernone of them is optimized for Mediatek parameters except FLASHBrowser. Good car with good racer, in the case we optimize Flashbrowser with Mediatek parameter to improve browsing speed anddecrease CPU/RAM consumption. As result, Flash browser is totallycompatible with Mediatek hardware and software, and it is capableto be as the fastest and lightest browser in Mediatek solutionmobile phone.This is 1.0 version Flash browser, while its content isdifferent from other ones. Please grow up with us together, and wewill keep improving Flash browser as your satisfactionFlash browser is already applied in global brands::- Gtel- Micromax- FLY- NGM- General Mobile- Qmobile- BLU- Itel- GIONEE- Infiniti
e Smart Home
WHAT IS e Smart Home?This e Smart Home app enables a home automation system and makeusers control their home appliances remotely via smartphone: turnon/off the lights, open/close curtains, control the TV and airconditioners, and start the water heater at set time - witheasy-setup and easy-use operations. The e Smart Home makes yourlife a smart life with control from anywhere at any time.COMPATIBLE SMART HOME PRODUCTSThe e Smart Home mobile App can be used in combination with e SmartHome compatible smart home products including smart plugs,universal remote, wall switch, environment detector and othersensors. These smart home products can be easily installed withoutassistance. Please contact your local retailer or distributor formore information of available products.WHAT DOES THE e Smart Home APP DO?The e Smart Home App is your personal assistant for smart homeproducts. Via smartphone your smart home system is being informedand controlled whether you are at home right now or not –automatically. Moreover, e Smart Home intelligently controls yourhome appliances with preset scenes.With the e Smart Home app, you have everything under control,changing all settings, viewing energy consumption, and remotelycontrolling the home appliances when you are on the go.THE MOBILE APP FEATURES:* Support 80,000+ infrared controlled home appliances* Cloud infrared code updates* Remote control from anywhere at anytime* Setting of desired scheduler and period tasks* Automation of home appliances with preset scenes* Display of the current home environmental conditions* Visualization of the power and energy consumption* More functions coming soon…SUPPORTWe heard your feedback and have been working overtime to improvethe experience. We sincerely apologize for the bugs that wereintroduced and will continue to refine the design and strengthenthe app with future releases. If you have any questions don’thesitate to contact your local retailer or distributor.
Iconics Library
Mike Penz
If you are an app developer you will know theproblem. You start an app but require many different icons, indifferent sizes (ldpi, mdpi, hdpi, xhdpi, xxhdpi, xxxhdpi),different colors, and different variants. If you get the icons asvector (.svg) or there are many changes over the time, you willalways have to get the correct drawables again.This consumes a lot of time!Now there's an easy, fast, and small solution for this!The Iconics library.This library allows you to include vector icons everywhere in yourproject. No limits are given. Scale with no limit, use any Color atany time, provide a contour, and many additionalcustomizations...Use the icons in the variation you need them.What do you get- No customization limitations (size, color, contour, background,padding, positioning, ...)- Shadow support- One icon source (no more mdpi, hdpi, ...)- Flexibility- Size- Colors- Contour- Shadow- If it takes an Drawable, it will also work with theIconicsDrawable!- Save in APK sizeAlready available fonts- Material Icons- FontAwesome- Material Design Icons- Meteocons- Octicons- Community Material Icons- Weather Icons- Typeicons- Entypo- Ionicons- Foundation Icons you are an appdeveloper you want to know the trouble. You start an app butrequire many different icons in different sizes (LDPI, mdpi, hdpi,xhdpi, xxhdpi, xxxhdpi), different colors, and different variants.If you get the icons as vector (SVG) or there are many changes overthe time, you will always have to get the correct Drawablesagain.This Consumes a lot of time!Now there's an easy, fast, and small solution for this!The Iconics library.This library Allows you to include vector icons everywhere in yourproject. No limits are given. Scale with no limit, use any color atany time, Provide a contour, and many additional customizations...Use the icons in the variation you need them.What do you get- No customization limitations (size, color, contour, background,padding, positioning, ...)- Shadow support- One source icon (no more mdpi, hdpi, ...)- Flexibility  - Size  - Colors  - Contour  - Shadow- If it takes at Drawable, it therefore wants to work with theIconicsDrawable!- Save in APK sizeAlready available fonts- Material Icons- FontAwesome- Material Design Icons- Meteocons- Octicons- Community Material Icons- Weather Icons- Type Eicon- Entypo- Ionicons- Foundation Icons
==Supported KGUARD Security SurveillanceDevices ==KViewQR application is compatible with the following KGUARDSecurity Surveillance systems:Aurora Series (Any model number that starts with AR)EasyLink Series (EL421, EL821, EL1621)EasyLink Pro Series (EL422, EL822, EL1622)Mars Series (Any model number that starts with MR)Mars Home Series (Any model number that starts with MH)QRT Series (Any model number that starts with QRT)== About KViewQR ==KViewQR allows you to view KGUARD Security surveillance systemsand cameras from anywhere in the world using your Smartphones orTablets utilizing 3G/4G or Wi-Fi networks.[KViewQR features]KViewQR offers the following features:Scan QR Code and connect to KGUARD security surveillance devicesfor live view.Search for devices existing on LAN.Live view over internet on mobile.View multiple channels in split windows (1/4 channels).Play back recorded videos from DVR via 3G/4G or WIFInetworks.Control PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) cameras, including networkcameras.View cameras in both portrait or landscape mode.WARNING: This application uses data stream that will connect toyour DVR surveillance system. When using the 3G/4G network, thelive video feed from your DVR will be considered "downloads" fromyour phone service provider and it will contribute to any downloadlimit your phone data plan may have. If you exceed your data planlimit, this may result in additional usage charges. It isrecommended to contact your phone service provider to know thelimits of your data plan before using this video streamingapplication.
قاموس وترجمة عربي انجليزي صوتي
Mr Hamhou
القاموس العربي هو تطبيق يوفر لكم الترجمةالفورية والسريعة بالصوت .ترجمة من عربي الى انجليزيArab dictionary is anapplication that provides you instant and fast audiotranslation.Translation from Arabic to English
MAGMA Cardboard VR
Enjoy virtual reality of MAGMA castingsimulations . The simulations areviewable with or without a Cardboard. Several MAGMA castingsimulation models exist for viewing. Two of them are alreadyintegrated into the App, further ones can be downloaded.To fully enjoy this app you'll need a Cardboard viewer. MAGMA GmbHhas an own cardboard with optimized lenses. It is also possible touse any other Cardboard. Learn more and get your own Cardboardviewer at, for instance, is a world-wide leading developer and supplier of softwarefor casting process simulation and optimization. The name MAGMAstands for robust and innovative casting solutions as well as astrong partnership with the metalcasting industry. By combiningcasting process knowledge with simulation competence, MAGMApartners with our customers to use its expertise to their advantagein the profitable optimization of castings and castingprocesses.MAGMA’s product and service portfolio includes the powerful,modular simulation software MAGMASOFT®, with the newest releaseMAGMA5, as well as engineering services for casting design andproduction optimization. MAGMA’s software products and services areused worldwide for the optimization of cast components for allapplications, especially in the automotive industry and mechanicalengineering. MAGMA’s own MAGMAacademy offers a portfolio oftraining courses, workshops and seminars aimed at improving theunderstanding of everything casting process simulationoffers.
مسجات العيد و مناسك الحج
مسجات العيد و مناسك الحج اول برنامج يشمل مناسكالحج مع رسائل عيد الاضحى بالاضافة الى العشر الاوائل من ذي الحجة.مجموعة من أجمل مسجات عيد الأضحى الدينية و التراثية و الفكاهية معامكانية نسخ الرسائل و فتح مرسل الرسائل اليا. بالاضافة الى كل مايتعلق بمناسك الحج من الاحرام الي الطواف مرورا بالسعي بين الصفا والمروة و كل المناسك الاخري.مسجات العيد - مسجات - رسائل العيد - رسائل - الحج - مناسك الحج والعمرة - SMS - Feast SMS - Adha Feast SMS - العشر الاوائل من ذيالحجة - الليال العشر
The Tabris.js developer app supports users inwriting and testing Tabris.js apps. It allows them to explorewidgets and layouts and provides a reference for features availablein the Tabris.js framework.For more information visit http://tabrisjs.comThe app offers the following features:The “My Scripts” tab provides access to the user’s own scriptsfrom GitHub. On the “Examples” tab, users can view examples ofdifferent types of widgets, input controls, layouts, animationeffects and properties. On the URL tab (available after signing in)users can provide an URL of a local server which serves a tabris.jsscript with custom data. In this way users can test and exploretheir own scripts.Swipe in from the right to open the developer console. It allowsusers to view console output and switch between the script view andthe Tabris.js overview page.The Tabris.js app and the Tabris.js mobile framework aredeveloped by EclipseSource.
Advanced RecyclerView Examples
*This app is a demonstration app for theAdvanced RecyclerView library*The Advanced RecyclerView library provides these features.- Swipe dismiss item- Swipe pinning item- Drag and drop sorting- Expandable item- Item shadow for pre-Lollipop devices- Simple item divider decoration- Works on API level 9 (but some animations are notsupported)Source code of the app and library are available on GitHub.
Aarti Collection
Sanket Shesh
For all those Indian culture loving peopleliving across the world. Get the Aarti in English and Hindi textsfor various occasions like pooja or any other religiousgathering.Now do not feel sad if you do not know any of the aarti, justselect the desired options and you can get aarti of that particulargod in Hindi as well as in Marathi.
Reducing data transfer free
Website data transfer reducer minify the website content andcontribute up to 10-15 times less data transfer. It reduce thetraffic of the mobile devices. Data traffic reducing.The reducer downloads the text from the website without its css,javascript, images. The images could be show separately. Thus isused as much as possible less data transfer.The Tool is perfect for slow mobile networks, for mb transferlimits, when heavy websites should be opened, and in abroadnetworks to save data transfer and reduces costs.To save the data transfer the tool has followinglimitations:- Searchforms doesn't work.- Javascript functions doesn't work.- Another dynamic websites may cause functional problems.Disclaimer: Some Websites may cause slow loading times, thismeans not that data is downloaded, it is due only on the websitecompression!For comments, suggestions or contact: [email protected]
ImageViewTo Browse your images from your device and sd cardby Computing Age Co.
Retail demo management platform,the application applies only toretail outlets Huawei demonstrator, once installed can not beuninstalled, do not installed on your phone.Retaildemo management platform, the application applies only to retailoutlets Huawei demonstrator, once installed can not be uninstalled,do not installed on your phone.
Retail demo management platform,the application applies only toretail outlets Huawei demonstrator, once installed can not beuninstalled, do not installed on your phone.Retaildemo management platform, the application applies only to retailoutlets Huawei demonstrator, once installed can not be uninstalled,do not installed on your phone.
معاني الاسماء
تطبيق معاني الاسماء,يضم مجموعة من اغلبالاسمـاء العربية ومعانيها ذكـورا وانـاثـًا.فلنبتعد عن الأسماء العبثية والتقليد في الأسماءونحرص على البحث عن معاني الأسماءونحرص على أن تكون اسماء حسنةتعكس صورة حسنة عن الأسرةوتنعكس بالخير على الشخص المسمى " المولود ".The application of themeanings of names, including a group of most of the Arab names andtheir meanings male and female.Flanptad for absurd names and names in traditionAnd we are keen to search for the meanings of namesAnd we are keen to be in good namesReflect the good image of the familyAnd reflected well on the person named "baby."
Snackbar Demo
This is a developer DEMO of the SnackBar design pattern introducedin the Google Material Design guidelines.- Set message text and optionally duration- Shows only one message at a time- Can have action item (e.g. undo, refresh, etc.)- Set text color of action items- Swipe down to dismiss all notifications- Tablet support- Backwards compatible to 2.3.x
OpenGL experiment
Mobile OpenGL experiment
Car Sounds
Barbecue Army
"Car Sounds" is an application which enjoysthe engine sound of a car.It is simple anyhow.It will cry, if a button is pushed.Doesn't it relax, if irritated by work?It is cured.It is the best also for a child's education.You can use also as a sound effect.It can use also for surprising a friend.Please download the favorite one.The sound effect application is released besides thisapplication.
Aviary Effects: Classic
Aviary, Inc.
This effects pack is a plugin that only works inside Photo Editorby Aviary and select third-party apps that use Aviary's PhotoEditor.You can download Photo Editor by Aviary here for FREE: the awesome look and feel of the original Aviary effectswith this pack of 12 classics.If you have any questions, please email [email protected]
Web Monitor
This app polls a configurable web-page inregularly intervals and checks the content for a keyword (definedas regular expressions).In the settings two entries have to be done:1. The URL to be parsed (e.g. ""for the science news)2. The content to be scanned for as regex, e.g. "Price:[]*([0-9]+)"All Matches of the regex are collected and shown in a table. Ifthe Alarm-Button is activated an alarm (notification) appears ifthe selected content changes.The initial configuration monitors the Nexus 10 page for theprice (and the sold-out state). The alarm is initially turnedoff.For more information see
The Furniture Mod is a great mod available for the latest patch ofMinecraft that adds in simple furniture. So what are you waitingfor, download it right now. One thing I have been saying forever inMinecraft is that we need more furniture, more decoration blocks!Even if it is just a creative mod item, as so many people buildamazing builds and houses and then has nothing to fill them with..This is where the furniture mod steps in, it adds a bunch offurniture to minecraft! See the video below for a full overview!
Guide For Mine Little Pony Mod
The Mine Little Pony MineCraft PE mod adds newplayer models and textures that make players look like ponies ininspired by the show "My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic." Oncethe mod is installed, you and all other players with a special ponyskin will look like ponies in both singleplayer and multiplayer!The mod is adjustable to allow players without a special pony skineither to appear normally or to show up as background charactersfrom the show.What will I look like to people without the MCPE mod?Pony skins are backwards-compatible with the original playermodel, so they look fine to any player who doesn't have the modinstalled (those players just won't see the pony models). You canalso choose to upload your pony skin to the VoxelModPack skinserver, which can host a separate skin from your skinand is compatible with HD skins as well. Press F1 on the Minecraftmain menu to open the HD Skin upload menu.
This application is intended solely for retaildisplay phones. Do not install this application unless you are anemployee of an authorized partner and have the required password toopen the application. The application puts the phone into demo mode– this involves but is not limited to wiping device content andapplications, resetting the device frequently, preventing thedevice from being modified, and looping the demo video.