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# It's not official instagram app.# This app is made using Instagram open Api.# so it has some limitation they don't supported on Api.# I explain main features and limitations below.* main feature- sign in on instagram- follow / unfollow on detail user view by click user name- save pictures and videos on sdcard by click save button- set wallpaper by long click main pictures- show near pictures recently updated.- search tag / user name (not support following private useryet)- share picture link to twitter, Facebook etc.- like / unlike- comment*Limitation (not support until instagram open the api)- upload / modify picture- user profile modify- sign up
Animated Smileys for Whatsapp
Future Prints
★'Top Smiley app of 2015.Animated smiley isthe fastest and coolest Smiley app. Featured by Android Social Appsas a top app, Animated Smiley is loved by users in 50+ countries.Download Animated smiley to spice up your chattingexperience.★★★Important: Your friends must have this app installed tosee the animated emoticons and encrypted text.**► Permission SettingsAnimated Smiley will only work when allowed via the Accessibilitysettings on your device. Please follow the prompt upon launching.Highlights:**Now send sound smiley.** +50 Special falling smileys** +200 Animated emoticons**Now send animated smiles to *Whatsapp*Facebook and Facebook Messenger*Viber*Skypeand all other major messengers too,As soon as you start sending Animations, all of your friendswill want them too!It will surely spice up your relationship or can put a huge smileon the face of whoever you are talking to.Hurry!!! Download this app now and see the magic and if you likethis application don't forget to write a good review...Enable Accessibility Services:Go to [System Settings -> Accessibility -> Animated smiley-> [ON], and finish it by tapping [OK] in the followingpop-up.You may receive the warning during the process. Please tap [OK]when it need to. The small warning pop-up is a regular reminder forany app requesting for Accessibility services, Animated Smiley willNEVER collect any personal information.Android version 4.0 or higher will automatically show animatedemoticons, lower Android versions will have to tap the message tosee the animation.If this app doesn't work, Please mail us your problem [email protected]
TextNow - free text + calls
TextNow, Inc.
FREE SMS TEXTING, PICTURE MESSAGING, CALLING,AND VOICEMAILDEDICATED PHONE NUMBERGive your friends your very own phone number they can call!UNLIMITED TEXT MESSAGINGYou can send as many text messages as you want to US & Canada -FREE!UNLIMITED CALLS TO USA AND CANADAMake unlimited free phone calls to any phone number in the US &Canada!LOW-COST & FREE INTERNATIONAL CALLINGAdd money or earn free money by completing offers to your accountand make low-cost international callsHIGHLIGHTS:- Make and receive voice calls- Earn credits towards calling by completing partnered offers orpurchase minute packs!- Free & unlimited voice calls with other TextNow users as wellas for incoming calls!- Full picture messaging : send, receive and save pictures!- Voicemail Transcription- Caller ID- PassCode: keep your messages under lock n’ key- Google SmartLock: no need to remember your password- Emoticons :-)- Call Forwarding- Signatures: add your own signature to each text- Customizable text-tone, ringtone & vibration- Customizable backgrounds- Assign individual contacts their own ringtone &background- Quick Reply to easily (and quickly) respond to friends- Home screen widget to launch TextNow, compose a new message orquickly make a call- Unified inbox: send and receive your texts directly via TextNow -use TextNow as your one-stop SMS texting app!- Real SMS texting and calling: text and call ANY phone thataccepts SMS texting, and ANY phone for calling.- - text from your computer too! All messagesseamlessly synchronize with your mobile device.IS IT REALLY FREE?There is no catch. No yearly or monthly fees! It is completelyfree!HOW CAN ALL OF THIS BE FREE?The app comes with a few ads. If you don't like ads, you canpurchase a subscription to remove them.PEOPLE WHO LOVE TEXTNOW"If you want an unlimited texting without the high priced carrierbased texting plans, then Textnow is the app for you." 4/5 rating--AppAdvice"Anyone needing an unlimited number of texts, we’d recommendTextNow as our app of choice" --AppAddict"Just as fast sending/receiving as regular texts for me (includingpeople who don't have the app)." -tbm248, MacRumors
Friends Talk - Chat,Meet New People
Now, please try to make friends by usingmobile messenger, social network!You can make friends after logging in by your SNS ID.Set your gender, age, region and start to search.Browse friends and new people.Chat with people nearby or around the world.Download now if you would like to make a lot of SNS friends.Friends Talk Using Tip* Input gender, age, region, and you can meet more friends.* Upload your photos now.* Add him or her as a friend if you would like to know more abouthim or her.* If you are friends, you will be able to use 1 on 1chatting.* Try chatting with your friends now~* There are many people who come from Korea, Japan, etc. you canmake foreigner friends easily.
Open Garden
Free messaging. No signal or mobile dataneeded. It's the "INTERNET OF US" (TM)FireChat works even without an Internet connection or cellularphone coverage. Use it anywhere: planes, public transportation,cruise ships, campuses, and crowded events. All you need is a fewpeople around you using FireChat.Bluetooth and WiFi need to be "on" to send and receive messageswhen not connected to a network (yes please turn WiFi on, even ifyou don't have access to the Internet). And if you are connected toa cellular network or WiFi access point, then FireChat will worktoo.You will be automatically connected directly with one another,creating your own network for public and private communications.The more people use it, the bigger and faster your networkbecomes.And when you do have access to a reliable Internet connection orcellular network, FireChat helps you reach people worldwide andbuild your audience faster than on any social network, forfree.Leaders, artists, communities and organizations (news, cultural,humanitarian, sports...) love how quickly FireChat scales. FireChathelps them communicate instantly with large groups of people toachieve their goals.Get FireChat now with a few friends and start something.========= How does this work ? =========FireChat creates a mesh network using Bluetooth and peer-to-peerWiFi. FireChat transmits messages and pictures offline betweendevices that are located within 200 feet of one another.Thanks to FireChat’s innovative multi-hop and store-and-forwardcapabilities, FireChat users form a network that increases in sizewith the number of devices. It allows messages to hop from onedevice to the next in order to reach the recipient(s). This is whythe more people use FireChat, the better and the larger the networkbecomes (unlike with cellular networks).On the mesh network, messages are transmitted seamlessly from onedevice to the next in order to reach the recipient(s). When anInternet connection or cellular network is available, FireChat usesthem to reach remote recipients.Public messages are visible by anyone. Private messages areencrypted and can only be seen and read by the sender and therecipient.========= Features =========• Instantly send messages and photos to anyone around you• Send private messages that only you and the recipient can readthanks to end-to-end encryption
• Instantly create live chatrooms for discussions on any topicwith a few people or as many as tens of thousands of simultaneoususers• Type a hashtag in any message to automatically create a newchatroom• View the most popular messages in the public conversations• Public chatrooms and private messages work both offline andonline• Works even without any Internet connection, mobile phonecoverage
, or data plan• Devices connect directly with one another within 200 feet oftheir location• Multihop and store-and-forward technology create larger networkswhen several people use FireChatFireChat has been featured by CNN, the BBC, the Wall StreetJournal, the New York Times, USA Today, Time, and many more aroundthe world.FireChat is often used at live events - such as the visit of PopeFrancis in the Philippines in January 2015 - and large festivalsincluding SXSW where it received an Innovation Award in March2015.
migme - chat, play & have fun
migme is a fun place to be social, meet newfriends, and get close to the latest stars.~~~~~~~~~~~~~KEY FEATURES~~~~~~~~~~~~~★ Chat and send giftsSend a gift, when you chat and share with friends.★ Meet new peopleFind interesting people in our chatrooms, miniblogs and keyinfluencer community.★ Live chat with the latest starsChat, gift and join in the conversation with popular singing, TVand social media stars.★ Play with games and appsGrab a friend and challenge them in chatroom, mobile and web-basedgames.Available on Google Play, Apple App Store, J2ME and web.~~~~~~~~~~~WHAT'S NEW~~~~~~~~~~~* Faster Post feed load times* Quicker display of images* Improved page load times* Reduced data consumption* Improved stability and responsiveness* Other performance improvements and bug fixes
Whose Log? - Chating,Friending
Whose Log? - Random Chat, Make Friend★★★★★ Whose Log? ★★★★★This is the ultimate edition of the sensational random chat /dating app! You can easily be connected with anybody near you andaround the world.No complicated registration required★ basically Free and safe! Youcan enjoy with simple interface♪Use a lot of in-app features to increase your chances of makingfriends or chatting!You can also target search by using the GPS, cross pass connect formore matching!!※You are required to register your nick name.Let's go find friends♡[Basic functions]・Random chat・GPS target shoot・Cross pass setting・Board・History・Invite friends・Register favourite・Movie functionNB; Please do not use this application for sexual purposes
The buzz on your campus!Jodel lets you instantly connect with students in your area and getreal-time updates on the most popular conversations nearby.Discover the hottest news, events, stories and jokes in thecommunity around you! On Jodel, you can post messages and photosknown as “Jodels” in real-time. By voting on other people's posts,you have the power to decide what your campus is talkingabout.Collect Karma points for spreading good vibes to the communityaround you and become a master in jodeling!Use Jodel to:- Have fun and laugh with the community around you- Share and get the hottest news from your area- Find and provide useful local information easily- Discover and engage with different interest groups in thecommunity around you in real-time
Nextdoor is the free, private social networkfor you, your neighbors and your community. It's the easiest way toconnect and talk with your neighbors about the things that matterin your neighborhood. When neighbors start talking, good thingshappen.People across the country are using Nextdoor to:• Quickly get the word out about a break-in• Organize a neighborhood crime watch• Recommend a trustworthy babysitter• Find out who does the best paint job in town• Ask for help finding a lost dog• Find a new home for an outgrown bike• Finally remember your neighbors’ namesTo stay updated on Nextdoor news, follow us on Facebook andTwitter:• Facebook:• Twitter:
شبكة غربتنا
Moujahed Akil
شبكة غربتنا الخدمية الاجتماعية بتقدم مجموعة منالخدمات للمغتربين السوريين:1- قسم الأخبار: بضم اخر اخبار المغتربين السوريين او الأخبارالمتعلقة فيهم، بضم مجموعة من الأقسام وهية (أخبار اقتصادية - مجتمعنا- سياسية - قلم ومحاية - هيك عبقولوا - رياضة).2- قسم المعلومات: وفيه منجبلكن اخر المعلومات وشرح الطرق المناسبةالي بتخص السوريين المفرفطين بهدول الدول، بضم مجموعة من الأقسام وهية(سأل مجرب ولا تسأل مهرب - ختم وتوقيع - رغيف خبز - قلم ومحاية -فرمانات).3- خدمة لازمني: من هلخدمة فيكن تطلبو شو لازمكن ونحن علينا نقترحعليكم اقتراحات و ننشرلكن طلبكن على الموقع والتطبيق تبعنا.4- خدمة ساعدني: شو بيلزمك مساعدة بتطلبا من هالقسم وبتلاقي نتيجةفورا لمساعدتك.5- خدمة نبهني: اذا انت مهتم مثلا بأخبار الجامعات، فيك تحتار نبهنيبأخبار ومعلومات قلم ومحاية، ونحن منذكرك كل مبصير مستجدات.6- فرص العمل,7- مين حولي؟: منورجيك مين في غربتلية متلك بالمنطقة يلي انتفيا.Network service socialprogress emigration range of services to Syrian expatriates:1. News section: annexation of another Syrian expatriates news ornews related to them, to include a range of departments and deity(economic news - our society - political - pen and Protects - heckAbcoloa - Sport).2. Information Department: Mnjblkn and the latest information andexplain the proper ways to Pt_khas Syrians Almverwtin Bhdolcountries, to include a range of departments and deity(experimenter asked not ask smuggler - seal and signature - a loafof bread - a pen and Protects - edicts).3. haunted me: from Hlkhaddma veken Ttalbo Xu Azemkn service we wesuggest you suggestions and Nnscherlkn Talpkin on the site and theapplication followed us.4. helped me: Shaw Balzimk help Pttalba of Halksm and convergenceresult immediately to help service.5. alerted me: If you are interested, for example, the news ofuniversities, Vic treading alerted me news and information pen andProtects service, we all Mundkirk Mbesar developments.6. employment opportunities,7. Maine around me ?: Mnorgiu Maine Grepettlah owns in the area youare faithful.
Vine - video entertainment
Vine Labs
Vine is the entertainment network where theworld's stories are captured, created and remixed. On Vine, there'snever a dull moment.Watch incredible moments in Channels like Dance, Comedy andSports. Find out about trends and viral Vines before they blow up.Follow your favorite creators and watch their stories unfold.Download Vine to:• Check out Explore to discover the best of Vine.• Share Vines you enjoy by Revining them or posting to socialnetworks like Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr.• Make your own Vines and share them on the world’s biggest stage.Your post may go viral or start the next big trend!Sign up for our Android Beta Program to help us make Vinebetter: questions, problems, or feedback? Check out orTweet to us @vinehelp.
Netease Mag
真正不耗流量的免费电话?易信3.0,真的可以有!在社交聊天应用一窝蜂的今天,你可曾想过让它帮你节省电话费?易信3.0,或许是迄今为止地球上通话功能最强大的社交app。打字贴图也聊不够?试试更高清的语音聊天,让感情升温,让朋友更真。普通电话还不够聊?送你首月260分钟的免费电话,无回声不延迟,你不挂我不挂。更有海量免费贴图,晒一晒、问一问、偶遇、拼车等特色功能也全面升级。试试新版易信,你会发现好朋友们一直就在身边。【易信主要特点】◆大杀器!新增易信电话,免费*直拨国内任意手机固话,通话过程不耗流量!通话质量秒杀同类产品!现在登录就送260分钟通话时间**!◆更方便!新增易信电话桌面小部件,可在桌面快速拨打易信电话◆ 更个性!偶遇新增昵称设置并可将朋友圈、晒一晒展示在偶遇名片中◆ 更安全!新增帐号保护功能,新设备登陆易信需要验证手机号码【意见反馈】◆ 软件内进入【设置->意见反馈】*免费拨打国内电话,部分用户可能因手机本身套餐类型,由运营商收取接听或漫游费用。*赠送的260分钟通话时间,包括100分钟双人通话、100分钟多人通话及60分钟国际漫游通话,有效期至首发推广期结束,详情请见软件内说明。
روائع نزار قباني
روائع نزار قباني - روائع الشعر العربي , شعر ومختارات من أجمل قصائد الشاعر الدمشقي الكبير نزار قباني - رحمه الله-طوق الياسمينساعي البريدالقميص الأبيضرسالة حب صغيرةمواويل دمشقية إلى قمر بغدادالقدسسبع رسائل ضائعة في بريد بيروتقصيدة بلقيسأقدم اعتذاري ,, و الكثير من القصائد الشيقةيمكنك من خلال هذا التطبيق مشاركة ما تريد من محتويات التطبيق معاصدقائك لكي تعم الفائدة و التطبيق كل يوم يحدث ليزودك بالجديد دومالذا لاتقوم بحذفه و ادعو لنا من صالح دعائكم هو مجاني بالكامل------------ميزات التطبيق :- تطبيق عربي- مع صور- يحدث عن طريق النت بسرعة و سهولة دوما- صغير الحجم- غير محدود المحتويات و المواضيع , عبر التحديث التلقائي سوف يزودكمدوما بالجديد- مجاني بالكامل- تستطيع مشاركة محتويات التطبيق من صور و كتابات بلمسة واحدة علىجميع تطبيقات التواصل الاجتماعيNizar Qabbanimasterpieces - masterpieces of Arabic poetry, and poetry anthologyof the most beautiful poems of the great poet Nizar QabbaniDamascus - God's mercy -Jasmine collarPostmanWhite ShirtA small love letterMawawil Damascene to the moon BaghdadJerusalemSeven lost messages in a BeirutBilquis poemI apologize ,, and a lot of interesting poemsYou can through this application Post what you want from thecontents of the application with your friends to the benefit andapplication happens every day to provide you with new alwaysaccused of doing so delete it and call us from good prayers iscompletely free------------Application features:- Arabic application- With photos- Going through the net quickly and easily Always- Small Size- Unlimited content and themes, via the automatic update willalways provide you with new- Fully Free- You may post application of pictures and writings of the contentsof one-touch on all social networking applications
MyLOL is a social network for TEENS thatallows you to make NEW FRIENDS near you and around the world!Create a fun profile, chat and discuss about your favoriteinterests! Come share your photos, videos, thoughts andlifestyle!
GoFundMe Inc
Start, manage, or donate to a campaign withthe GoFundMe app.More powerful than ever, the GoFundMe app helps you raise money foryourself, others, and charities. You can launch and manage acampaign from start to finish—as well as find causes tosupport.FOR CAMPAIGN ORGANIZERS:Create a fundraising campaign quickly and easily. Tell your storywith photos, and start accepting donations in minutes.Share your campaign on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, email or textmessage.Get notified each time someone donates and see how close you are toreaching your goal.Keep supporters in the loop. Send updates to Facebook, Twitter andemail contacts.Send personalized thank-you notes right from the app.Transfer funds to your bank account or send them to someoneelse.FOR SUPPORTERS:Donate to campaigns directly from the app.Search for causes to support that matter to you.Discover incredible stories of people making a difference.
Sola (former Plag)
PLAG Limited
Sola is worldwide social layer like you'venever seen before. You talk to the world, and the world talks backto you.Using the app is really simple. Once registered, you instantlybecome the part of a never-ending communication flow. There are nofriends or followers needed — based on Sola neutral AI and otherusers’ opinion, you see the cards one by one made by people fromevery corner of the world: news, stories, entertainment. The moreyou see — the better Sola knows your preferences (you still canfine-tune it manually) and takes them into account.To switch to the next card you need to endorse or skip the currentcard. Accordingly, a card will spread to more people or not. Usersgovern information on Sola — you are the only power here.When you post your card, it spreads among all Sola users, so youcan reach the whole service audience. You can see how it spreads ona map in real time.The best of all, when people endorse your cards and comments youearn Sola cryptocurrency that can be exchanged with othercurrencies like Bitcoins or for good old money. We consider you,who creates information, as partners and think it’s fair to splitrevenue with you.Sola has all functions that are must to have for social media —comments, notifications, stats, channels and much more, but ourmain priority is to keep it simple. So, don't hesitate to tap“Download” and see you on the other side.
What were you doing a year ago today? Twoyears? Three years? Timehop helps you celebrate and share the mostnostalgic moments of your past.Every day, tap through your old photos, videos, & posts fromyour phone, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Swarm. It's like #tbtevery day.It's never been easier to share your memories, compare a 'Then andNow', decorate with frames, and connect with friends over your best(sometimes embarrassing) memories.Have questions or feedback?Please contact us at [email protected] find us on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook @timehop
We Heart It
We Heart It
Get lost in what you love. With WHI youcan:• Be inspired: Explore images, videos and GIFs about quotes, art,fashion, travel, fitness, makeup, music, wallpapers and more• Curate Your Canvas: Heart, Collect and Share the things thatrepresent you• Join a Channel: Customize your experience by letting us know thethings you love the most and discover people who share yourinterests• Watch videos: Engaging content from your favorite influencers,YouTube, YouNow, stars and brands• Share your content to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr,WhatsApp, and more• Send messages: Communicate with your followers with images ortext• Find a wallpaper: Background and lockscreens for any device,iPhone, iPad, and more• Find a project: Crafts, remodeling, redesigns, home decor, andother DIY ideas• Discover quotes: Every mood, theme, and aesthetic• Immerse yourself in fandoms: Doctor Who, Supernatural, HarryPotter, Teen Wolf, American Horror Story, Pretty Little Liars,Vampire Diaries, Game of Thrones, and more• Explore the best photos, galleries and GIFs: Cities, travel,anime, food, fashion, nails, and musicians like One Direction andJustin Bieber
Buffer: Social Media, Twitter
Buffer, Inc
Save time and manage all your social media inone place. Buffer is a simpler way to schedule posts and track theperformance of your content on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter,Pinterest, LinkedIn and Google+.No more wasting time, no more logging into multiple socialaccounts. Any link, text, picture or video - just add it to Bufferand you can quickly choose when and where it’ll be posted.WHY YOU’LL LOVE BUFFER- Share to multiple Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest,LinkedIn and Google+ accounts from one place.- Maintain a consistent presence on social media, so you can buildyour following and influence.- Get easy-to-read analytics for every update you share.- Schedule your posts automatically so you never have to worryabout setting a time and date, or customize the timing ofindividual posts. Scheduling has never been easier or moreflexible.- Share from all of your favourite apps. Including schedulingnative retweets from most Twitter apps!- Never run out of amazing content with Instagram Reposting.- Get world class support from your friends at Buffer.You can also add to Buffer from your favourite browser using ourBrowser Extensions for Safari, Chrome, Firefox and Opera.Buffer’s main version is free, but you can easily upgrade withinthe app.Free Plan Features:• Connect up to 4 Social Accounts• 10 scheduled posts per profileAwesome Plan Features:• Have upto 100 posts in your Buffer.• Connect upto 10 Social Accounts.• RSS feed integrationSmall Business Plan Features:• 25 Connected Social Accounts• 5 Team Members & Contributions Feature.• 2,000 scheduled posts per profile• RSS feed integration• All standard Buffer features & Awesome Plan features.The Awesome Plan & Small Business plan subscriptions areoptional and are available via an auto-renewing subscription:Awesome Plan subscriptions are at a monthly rate of $10 or anannual rate of $102.Small Business subscriptions are available at a monthly rate of$99.99.Payments will be charged to your Google Play account afterconfirmation of purchase. Your subscription will automaticallyrenew unless canceled at least 24-hours before the end of thecurrent period.Your subscription can be managed in your Google Play AccountSettings after purchase.Privacy Policy: of Use: you have any questions for us?Email: [email protected]: @bufferFacebook: @bufferPinterest:
Veems is the best place to run wild and befree.★ Use Veems to:✔ Share as much as you want. It's okay. Conversations happen inreal time. Everything gets deleted 24 hours after they areposted.✔ Confess your true feelings. Send an anonymous sms to your crushand friends.✔ Get a new surprise every day. Surprise yourself or your friendswith status dares.✔ Chat freely. Use the screenshot feature to save a conversation.Identity of the person who sent the message remains hidden.✔Anyone can be popular. The more you are active, the more youbecome popular.✔LIVE IN THE MOMENT. Chats and posts automatically get deletedafter 24 hours they were sent.We want to make your experience on Veems to be always fun. Have anysuggestion or want to thank the team? :) Send as an [email protected]
Zueiras - Imagem, Vídeo e GIF
7 Mobile
Aqui você encontra:• Muitas imagens engraçadas;• As melhores imagens para Whatsapp!• Muitos vídeos engraçados para você rir muito e compartilhar noseu Whatsapp :)• GIFs e animações hilários para Whatsapp.Eles estão aqui no aplicativo Zueiras. O Brasil inteiro está usandoe rindo junto.Os vídeos e imagens engraçadas chegam primeiro aqui noZueiras.Faça o seu grupo no Whatsapp rir com as imagens e vídeos maisengraçadas do momento.O Zueiras é atualizado diariamente com imagens engraçadas e vídeospara Whatsapp sobre temas atuais.O aplicativo Zueiras conta com milhares de vídeos e imagensengraçadas para Whatsapp com piadas e muita zoação.Vídeos engraçados para baixar e compartilhar. O Zueiras vai fazer oseu Whatsapp bombar!Imagens engraçadas para compartilhar no seu grupo!GIFs para Whatsapp que farão todo mundo rir muito!Você fará muito sucesso em seus grupos e conversas.Compartilhe várias Zueiras com seus amigos.Envie suas Zueiras para que o Brasil todo compartilhe.Este aplicativo permite o compartilhamento de vídeos e imagens nasprincipais redes sociais disponíveis para android.Denuncie conteúdo indevido em: [email protected] ou através domenu de denúncia dentro do app. Basta pressionar e segurar umapostagem e selecionar no menu seguinte a opção "Reportar conteúdoindevido".Atenção* O conteúdo deste aplicativo é fruto do compartilhamento deimagens para Whatsapp e vídeos engraçados entre usuários em nossosite oficial.* Conteúdos pornográficos, ofensivos, racistas ou qualquer outraforma de intolerância não serão aceitos.* Evite compartilhar fotos pessoais. O conteúdo deste aplicativodeve ser meramente fantasioso.Here• Many funny pictures;• The best images to Whatsapp!• Many funny videos for you to laugh a lot and share in theirWhatsapp :)• GIFs and hilarious animations for Whatsapp.They are here in Zueiras application. The whole Brazil is using andlaughing together.Videos and funny pictures come first here in Zueiras.Make your group Whatsapp laugh with images and funniest videos ofthe moment.The Zueiras is updated daily with funny pictures and videos forWhatsapp on current issues.The Zueiras application has thousands of videos and funny picturesfor Whatsapp with jokes and lots of teasing.funny videos to download and share. The Zueiras will make yourWhatsapp pumping!funny pictures to share in your group!GIFs for Whatsapp that will make everyone laugh a lot!You will make a lot of success in their groups andconversations.Share several Zueiras with your friends.Send your Zueiras for all Brazil share.This application allows you to share videos and images in the mainsocial networks available for android.Report improper content: [email protected] or through the complaintmenu within the app. Just press and hold a post, and select fromthe following menu the "Report inappropriate content".WarningThe content of this application is the result of sharing images toWhatsapp and funny videos between users on our officialwebsite.* Pornographic, offensive contents, racist or any other form ofintolerance will not be accepted.* Avoid sharing personal photos. The contents of this applicationshould be merely fanciful.
Plume for Twitter
Plume is a beautiful and completelycustomizable Twitter app that will revolutionize the way you useTwitter! Brought to you by the authors of the popular BeautifulWidgets, Plume is one of the best Twitter clients for Android!(Plume was formerly known as Touiteur)- Colorize your timeline/friends from Twitter- Multiple twitter accounts support- Scrollable widgets to display your twitter timeline on yourhome- Lockscreen widget (Android 4.2+)- Mute twitter users, word or applications- Facebook timeline & posting- Live Streaming in app- Picture preview in timeline, large view of images with pinch tozoom- Twitter geotagging- Swipe scrolling- Very customizable- Internal browser- Autocomplete twitter hashtags and username- Share photo with Twitter, Twitpic, YFrog, Mobypicture, support for your URLs- Inline twitter conversation- Display replies to a tweet- Display twitter profiles- Pull to refresh- a lot more!Plume is a beautiful, highly customizable Twitter client, whichwill change the way you feel about Twitter!
Carbon for Twitter
dots & lines
Carbon experience for Android Smartphones. NoTablet support yet.Simple, Dark, and a dash of elegance for your Twitter day-to-daypleasure.Carbon is a Twitter client, but unlike other Twitter clients. Allof your Twitter content on one screen. A screen that doesn't getyou drilling down to many other screens to reach to what you want.Timelines, Lists, Favourites, Searches, Trends, Profiles, allthere.- Fresh new Design & Interface- Brand new Timeline design & aesthetics- Swipe-able Timeline, @Mentions, and Messages on Home.- Quick Timeline, one Timeline for Searches, List, Favourites onyour Home screen.- Don't Disturb Mode- Oxide Mode for Grayscale Timeline experience- Power Scroll: Scroll/Swipe up or down using Two fingers to jumpto top or bottom of Timelines- Tweet Quick Actions- Configuratie Tweet Font Sizes- Retweets Timeline- In-App Browser- In-App YouTube Player- Vine Previews & Playback- Previews- GIF, Twitter Video, and Multiple Images- Rich Timelines with full inline images and videos- Rich and elegant style for User Profiles- Rich Conversation View- Threaded Direct Messages- Background updates with quick actions for Jelly Bean, peraccount- Username Autocomplete- Mutes/Filters for Hashtags, Users, and Keywords- People Search- Obviously Multi-account with simultaneous accounts tweets- Profile Editor
ツイタマ - Twitterブラウザ
【重要なお知らせ】このアプリと連携するアカウント数がTwitter社の定める上限に達したため、新たにアカウントを登録しにくくなっています。何卒ご了承ください。「これ以上ユーザーを認証できません」とメッセージが表示される場合、アカウントの登録枠に空きがでるまでお待ちいただく必要があります。時間をあけて何度も試してみてください。ツイタマ+ はまだ登録できるアカウント数に余裕がありますので、待たずに利用したい方はこちらをご検討ください。--------------------タブ付きWEBブラウザのような使い勝手で、様々なユーザーのタイムラインや関連ページを自由に行き来することができます。【タブブラウザビューを採用】・タブの数や表示する内容を自由に決められます。タブの切替はスワイプするだけ。・タイムラインの@ユーザー名、#ハッシュタグ、リンクを直接タップできます。・ユーザー情報や返信ツイートをタイムライン上にポップアップします。・WEBブラウザのように、それぞれのタブの中でページを移動します。【タイムラインのつながり】・ツイートの名前をタップしてユーザータイムラインへ。ツイート前後の話の流れを確認できます。・ツイートのメニューまたはダブルタップで会話を検索。ツイートのリプライチェーンを表示します。【こんな機能もあります】・メンションやメッセージ、気になるタイムラインの新着を通知でお知らせ。・画像やテキストの設定、カラー編集など、自分好みに表示をカスタマイズ。・タイムラインの向きを上下どちらにも設定できます。Android 5.0をお使いの方へ一部機種で画像表示の画面が崩れることがあります。タイムラインの利用には問題ありませんがご注意ください。※この現象はAndroid5.1で修正された模様です。--------------------ツイタマ for Androidのよくある質問は以下のリンクを参照してください。ツイタマへのご意見・ご感想・バグ報告などはこちらへお寄せください。ツイッターアカウント: @softama またはハッシュタグ: #ツイタマ[Important Notice]Since the number of accounts to work with this application hasreached the upper limit set by the Twitter, Inc., making itdifficult to register a new account. Please pleaseacknowledge.If the message is displayed as "can not authenticate any moreusers", you'll need to wait until the vacancy is out in theregistration frame of the account. Please try again and again toopen the time.Tsuitama + is because there is room in the number of accounts thatcan be registered yet, those who want to use without having to waitplease consider here.--------------------In usability such as WEB browser with tab, you can freely go backand forth time line and the relevant page of the varioususers.[Tab adopt the browser view]The number and the content to be displayed in the tab you freelydetermined. Switching tabs just swipe.- Timeline @ user name, # hash tag, you can tap directlylink.- To pop up the user information and reply tweet on thetimeline.- As in the WEB browser, to move the page in each tab.[Ties Timeline]- Tweets name Tap to the user timeline of. You can see the flow oftweets before and after story.And search conversations in the menu or double tap of the tweet. Todisplay the reply chain of tweet.[There is also this function]- Mention and messages, announcements in the notification of thenew timeline to be worried about.- Images and text settings, such as color editing, customize thedisplay to their liking.- The orientation of the time line can also be set to either up those who use the Android 5.0Some you may crumble image display screen in the model. Please notethat there is no problem with the use of the time line. ※ Thisphenomenon is a pattern that has been fixed in Android 5.1.--------------------Please refer to the following link FAQ Tsuitama for Android. and comments, bug reports to the Tsuitama please send usto this place.Twitter account: @softama orHashtag: # Tsuitama
ChatPals - Friends for Fun
Axel H.
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Highlight - People nearby
Featured by hundreds of publications around the world!Who's nearby? (Now with more login options!)Highlight is a fun, simple way to meet interesting people nearbyand see how you’re connected to the people around you. If someonestanding near you also has Highlight, their profile will show up onyour phone. You can see their name, photos of them, friends andinterests you have in common, and any other information they’vechosen to share.Highlight works with you wherever you go. At the office, itmight notify you that a nearby coworker knows your close friend, orthat a client you're going to meet has similar interests in music.When you’re socializing, it helps you remember people’s names andknow who to talk to at a conference or meet up.As you walk around town, the app runs quietly in the background,finding connections you have to others nearby. If your friends areclose by, it will notify you so that you can meet up with them. Ifinteresting people are around, it will tell you why they’reinteresting, and what connections you have in common with them. Ifsomeone close by has similar interests or close friends in common,it will notify you.Highlight gives you a sixth sense about the world around you -showing you interesting friends nearby and allowing you to connectwith and meet similar people around you.With Highlight, we hope you find that your days are more fun,the places you visit are more interesting, and the friendconnections you make are more memorable than ever!PLEASE NOTE: We use Facebook and LinkedIn as our login systemsbecause we think this makes for a better user experience by helpingus notify you about the common friends and similar interests youshare with people close by. We know that not everyone has aFacebook or LinkedIn account, so please let us know if you'd liketo see other login options. You can reach us anytime at [email protected] to Highlight!
SKOUT - Meet, Chat, Friend
Skout Inc.
SKOUT connects you with new people nearby orall over the world! Download the free SKOUT app to meet and chatwith men and women based on search parameters that YOU set. Chatwith new friends, give gifts, share photos and more! Skout matchesyou with people you want to chat with, whether they’re nearby or ina city you want to visit.Download the largest app for finding new friends nearby!
My World. Movies. Games
Mail.Ru Group
My World is a social network from thatis used by millions of people on a daily basis.You are welcome to join!With this great application, you will always be able to:✓ Stay updated about your friends' lives✓ Communicate and stay in touch with your family and friends✓ Easily share phots and your good mood✓ Add colorful effects that your friends will surelyappreciate✓ Play your favorite games right from the appInstall the My World app and your friends and classmates will getso much closer to you!