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aCar Pro Unlocker
Fuelly, LLC
***** The FREE edition of aCar has been downloaded over ONE MILLIONtimes *****This app unlocks the PRO features of aCar application...Use aCar application to log activities, manage and keep track ofyour vehicles: Fillups, Fuel Mileage (a.k.a. Gas Mileage or FuelEconomy), Maintenance, Services, Expenses and TripsYou can keep records of your cars, trucks or even your bikes; andhave all of them under control.IMPORTANT NOTES:* The PRO Unlocker app will stay invisible while installed and youcan NOT launch it directly, but it will unlock the PROfeatures.* You must have the FREE aCar app already installed (see "Moreapps"), and continue using it after purchasing this PROUnlocker.* Purchase this PRO Unlocker app once and use it on all of yourAndroid devices registered under the same Google account.PRO FEATURES:* Sharing statistical charts on Facebook and Twitter.* Localized and translated into: German, Spanish, French, Italian,Portuguese, Russian, Danish, Polish, Hungarian, Czech, Greek,Slovak. More to come...* Quick access to the most important information by home screenwidgets: Console, Service Reminders, Predictions, Fuel Efficiencyand Fuel Price.* Home screen shortcuts: New FillUp, New Service, New Expense andNew Trip.* Full-screen charts for visualizing fill-ups, services, expensesand trips.* Data import from various mobile apps: Auto 3in1, AutoMobile, CarCare, FuelLog, Gas Cubby, Mileage, MPG, My Cars, Road Trip,TealAuto, Trip Cubby, Trip and Trip Deluxe, Vehicle Manager* Data import from various websites:,,,* Manual and more frequent automatic data backups.* Export records to Excel compatible CSV and browser viewable HTMLformats.* Export statistics to Excel compatible CSV and browser viewableHTML formats.FREE FEATURES:* Very clean, modern and user-friendly interface.* Very easy and painless data entry.* Support for recording fill-ups, services, expenses and trips(business, personal, etc).* Support for logging the specification of your vehicleparts.* Gas mileage (a.k.a. fuel economy or fuel mileage) calculationwith multiple units support: MPG, gal/100mi, mi/L, km/gal, L/100km,km/L* Multiple vehicles support.* Powerful searching and filtering.* Thorough statistics for your vehicle.* Time and mileage based service reminders: Engine Oil, Air Filter,etc* Geographical location (GPS) support.* Social support, and sharing activities on Facebook andTwitter.* Automatic monthly data backups.* Move to SD-Card support (Android 2.2 and later).Facebook: TO CURRENT DONORS:* You are quite safe to keep and use your current Donation ID toupgrade to Pro like before.* Please note that if you decide to purchase this PRO Unlocker app(to have smoother "Upgrade to Pro" experience), your donationamount WILL NOT be refunded.* The good news is that by purchasing the PRO Unlocker app, youwill be able to upgrade to Pro on all of your Android devicesregistered under the same Google account. No need to upgrade to Pro(and pay) on each device separately!NEED MORE INFO? Refer to website!
BPASS Lignes d'Azur
Important : Pensez à désactiver le wifi le temps de l'installationdu service.Avec l’application BPASS, je peux acheter et valider mes titresde transport sur les lignes urbaines du réseau Lignes d’Azur avecmon mobile NFC.1. J’installe l’applicationTélécharger et installer l’application BPASS Lignes d’Azur depuisGoogle PlaySouscrire au service BPASS Lignes d’Azur, en suivant lesinstructions affichées à l’écran.Lire et accepter les Conditions Générales de Vente.Créer son profil Lignes d’Azur en fournissant ses donnéesd’inscription, à savoir son numéro de téléphone mobile, sa date denaissance et son code postal (cette étape est facultative, maiselle doit être effectuée afin de bénéficier d’un tarif réduit).2. J’achète mon titre de transportSélectionner la rubrique « Achat de titres » sur la page d’accueildu service.Sélectionner le Titre souhaité et valider l’achat.Confirmer l’achat lors de l’affichage du récapitulatif de laCommande (Titre choisi et mode de règlement) sur l’écran dutéléphone mobile.Le Titre est chargé sur votre téléphone mobile ! Vous êtes prêt àvoyager sur le réseau Lignes d’Azur !3. Je valide mon titre de transportPour valider le titre de transport, il suffit de présenter votremobile NFC devant le valideur installé à bord du bus ou du tramwayet s’assurer que le titre de transport a bien été validé (bip +lumière verte et information affichée sur l’écran).En cas de contrôle, vous devez présenter votre téléphone mobile,sous peine de vous voir attribuer le paiement d’une amendeforfaitaire, conformément à la réglementation applicable auxservices de transport public de voyageurs.4. Et aussi…Vous pouvez à tout moment consulter le détail de vos commandes dansla rubrique « Historique Achats » de l’Application BPASS Lignesd’Azur en vous connectant à celle-ci via votre téléphone mobileNFC.Vous pouvez également consulter l’historique de vos achats en vousconnectant sur le site internet de PayByPhone( to turn off the wifi time to install the service.With BPASS application, I can buy and validate my tickets onurban network lines Lines d'Azur with my mobile NFC.1. Installing the application   Download and install the application BPASS AzurLines from Google Play   Subscribe to the service BPASS d'Azur lines,following the instructions on the screen.   Read and accept the Terms and Conditions.   Create your profile Lines d'Azur by providing itsregistration data, ie mobile phone number, date of birth and postalcode (this step is optional, but it must be done in order tobenefit from a reduced rate ).2. I bought my ticket   Select the "Purchases of Securities" on the homepage of the service.   Select the desired title and confirm thepurchase.   Confirm purchase when viewing the summary of theOrder (Title chosen and method of payment) on the mobile phonescreen.   The title is loaded on your mobile phone! You arewilling to travel on the network of lines Azur!3. I validate my ticketTo validate the ticket, simply present your mobile NFC on thereader installed on the bus or the tram and ensure that the tickethas been validated (beep + green light and information displayed onthe screen ).In control, you must present your mobile phone, lest you attributethe payment of a fixed penalty in accordance with the regulationsapplicable to public passenger transport services.4. And also ...You can always check the details of your order in the "HistoryPurchases" from the Application BPASS d'Azur lines by connecting toit via your NFC mobile phone.You can also view the history of your purchases by logging on tothe website of PayByPhone (
OSM Downloader
Andrey Nikanorov
ATTENTION! The given application downloads OpenStreetMap maps forCity Guide 7 or 8, Navitel, 7 Ways navigator apps only. If you haveany ideas regarding the support of other apps please contact me:[email protected] Downloader lets download OpenStreetMap maps for City Guide 7 or8, Navitel, 7 Ways navigators.Features:* Choose maps by country* Download several maps simultaneously* Display downloaded maps and their updates* Search the needed map by cityAll error reports and suggestions are welcome: he[email protected]
Ek - One app. All Cabs.
Ek, which stands for "one" in Hindi is anexperimental app out of Khoobh Labs. Ek is an intelligent cab/taxiaggregator.Thanks to the vast ecosystem of app-enabled taxi bookingservices, a person today doesn't necessarily need to own a vehicle.Ek serves as a simple utilitarian app ideal for folks that useapp-enabled taxi services for their everyday commute. Our aim withEk was to create a simple, frictionless app that helps a user toget from point A to point B in the least amount of time regardlessof city, country and service. We currently support services allacross the world, including Uber, Sidecar, Hailo, Ola, Meru, Gett,Flywheel, TaxiForSure and BiTaksi. Over the next few versionroll-outs, we will be adding a few new exciting features we havebeen working on as well as more taxi services from around theworld. For more information feel free to visit
Citeecar Carsharing
CiteeCar Apps
Welcome to the CiteeApp – the official Android-App of CiteeCar –the smartest way to discover low-cost carsharing in GermanyWith the CiteeApp your next trip is just a few clicks away… sosimple, so convenient and unbeatable value for money!Now so easy to find the next available CiteeCar, perform andedit bookings and much more!Overview of the options:* Find and book your CiteeCar based on your current location,perform station-based searches, safe you favorite stations* Zoomable map* Information about CiteeCar-stations* Distance to the next CiteeCar based on your currentlocation* Booking-details (station, booking-start, end of booking,booking-duration, damage report)* Booking management* Book CiteeCover for your trip* Account details and invite friends option* Direct link to our Hotline* Report cleaning and get free kilometersRegister online at and optimize your personalmobility!This version is optimized for Android 4 or higher. If you have anyquestions, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected]´re looking forward to hear from you!
NTC Team
Phèn cung cấp cho các bạn lái xe kiến thức vềluật giao thông cũng như cập nhật kiến thức các thông tư nghị địnhmới nhất xử phạt hành chính trong lĩnh vực giao thông đường bộ.Phèn hỗ trợ kiến thức cho các bạn trong trường hợp bị cảnh sátgiao thông dừng xe, quy trình xử phạt, quy trình làm việc của cảnhsát giao thông, những lưu ý quan trọng khi làm việc với cảnh sátgiao thông, tra cứu lỗi vi phạm và các mức phạt cụ thểVới phèn bạn có thể dễ dàng giải quyết các vấn đề sau- Dễ dàng tra cứu các mức vi phạm cho các loại phương tiệnnhư+ Xe máy, xe mô tô+ Xe ô tô+ Xe đạp+ Người đi bộ+ Hành lang đường bộ+ Xe máy kéo+ Các loại vi phạm khác- Dễ dàng tra cứu các loại biển báo giao thông đường bộ 2015+ Biển báo cấm+ Biển báo nguy hiểm+ Biển hiệu lệnh+ Biển chỉ dẫn+ Biển phụ+ Vạch kẻ đường- Quy trình xử phạt vi phạm hành chính trong lĩnh vực giaothông- Tra cứu biển số xe của tất cả các tỉnh, thành phố trên cảnước- Những lưu ý quan trọng khi tham gia giao thông- Những thói quen xấu cần tránh của người tham gia giao thông- Xác định vị trí của người tham gia giao thông- Số điện thoại đường dây nóng của các cơ quan CSGT trên toànquốcNhóm phát triển ứng dụng Phèn chân thành cảm ơn -NTCTeam.comAlum gives you drivingknowledge of traffic laws, as well as update their knowledge of thelatest decrees and circulars to administrative sanctions in thefield of road traffic.Alum support knowledge for you in the event of traffic policestopped the car, the sanctioning process, workflow of trafficpolice, noted the importance of working with the traffic police,search offenses and the specific penaltiesWith alum you can easily resolve the following issues    - Easily search for the violations for suchvehicles          +Motorcycles, mopeds          +Cars          +Bikes          +Pedestrians          +Corridor road          + Cartractor          + Theother type of violation    - Easy lookup types of road traffic signsin 2015          + Signshave          + SeaHazard          +Command signboards          + Seaguide          + Seaside          + Roadpainted lines    - The procedure for administrativesanctions in the field of transport    - Look license plates of all the provincesand cities across the country    - The important note when participating intraffic    - The need to avoid bad habits of people intraffic    - Identify the location of people intraffic    - Telephone hotlines Police agenciesnationwideApplication Development group sincerely thank Phen
Parkeerplan - Gem. Amsterdam
De Parkeerplan app is bedoeld voorgeselecteerde vergunninghouders die in het kader van ParkeerplanAmsterdam mogen parkeren in parkeergarages die de gemeentebeschikbaar stelt. Met de app ziet u als vergunninghouder snel waaren of er plek is in de voor u relevante parkeergarage(s).Geselecteerde vergunninghouders die hun auto gratis inparkeergarages in en rond het centrum van Amsterdam parkeren zienmet de app hoeveel plek er nog vrij is in de voor hun relevanteparkeergarage (CP).Geselecteerde bewoners met een parkeervergunning die door degemeente zijn uitgenodigd hun auto voor langere tijd, tegenvergoeding, in een garage buiten het centrum te parkeren zien allebeschikbare plekken in alle langparkeergarages (LP).Privacyverklaring en proclaimer: parking plan app isintended for selected licensees authorized to park in car parksthat the city makes available within the framework of Amsterdamparking plan. The app shows you where the licensee quickly and ifthere is place in the parking garage are relevant to you (s).Selected licensees who see their car in parking garages in andaround the center of Amsterdam with the app how many parking placeis still free in their relevant garage (CP).Selected residents with a parking permit invited by themunicipality of their car for a long time, for a fee, in a parkinggarage outside to see the center all available spots in all longcar parks (LP).Privacy and proclaimer: Long-Term
SafeLinx Phone Control Trial
This is a free 3-day trial of SafeLinx:When moving above 5 mph SafeLinx Phone Control Trial willprovide phone control by an Administrator over an AndroidSmartphone.SafeLinx Phone Control Trial will:Block Text Messaging while driving.Block Internet Surfing while driving.Block Virtually Any Other Activity on an Android Smartphone whilein a moving vehicle.In Addition SafeLinx Phone Control Trial can:Block usage of an Android Smartphone during specific times (i.e. school hours). Prevent distractions such as text messaging,SMS messaging, web surfing,, and emailing during set times.SafeLinx will notify via email or SMS text messages whenattempts are made to violate these restrictions.This is an excellent seemingly passive application that runs inthe background to aid in preventing distracted driving. Help yourteen drive safe. Adults, use SafeLinx as an aide to promote goodhabits for safe driving.For a more complete description of the features of SafeLinx, pleaseour website Call Control,Parental Control,Text Control,smartphonecontrol, distracted driving, anti-text,no text and drive, drivesafe
SMS Parking
Sportal JSC
"SMS паркинг" е приложение, което Ви дававъзможност да създадете профил на един или повече автомобили стехните регистрационни номера и да заплащате паркирането в"Синя/зелена зона" за избран автомобил.
Find My Car - LabOfApp
Find My Car allows you to locate and find yourcar, place, or what you want and wherever you are ! It has beendesigned to be as simple as possible and display only theinformation you need.You can access any time at the distance and direction to yourdestination with a clean and efficient interface. Here are its mainfeatures:- Save the current position- Create and manage favorites- Choice of the unit (km or miles)- Customize the color wallpaperFind My Car uses your GPS to locate you, so you can use itwithout an internet connection and over the whole world !
Road Sidekick Lite
Uncle Droid
Road SidekickCar Dock/Car Dashboard App that will allow you to take fulladvantage of your phone while safely driving.Road Sidekick is loaded with awesome features that will keep upwith your busy lifestyle. Designed for the dynamic person who likesoptimal usage of their smart phone while driving.Lite Version Features:* Quick one touch access to Phone, SMS, Music, Navigation,Email, Volume and Screen brightness.* Modern design interface to give you a futuristic look andfeel.* Day and Night themes to blend in with your drivingexperience.* Direct access to up to six of your favorite apps right on themain screen.* Up to 8 programmable app shortcuts.* 9 Built-in Voice commands for core functionality to optimizeand reduce manual interaction with the device and focus more on theroad.NOTE: If you install this app on a WiFi only device youMUST tether this device to a hotspot in order to use GPSnavigation, email, voice commands or any other app that willrequire internet access.You are responsible for any charges that the use of a hotspotservice may incur.
iCompass (English)
Sameer Chorge
iCompass is an Android based App specifically designed forfishermen to navigate to positions of their nets or any otherfishing points. However it can be also used for trekking in forestareas or wherever roads are not available.This app mainly saves fuel and time. Very important forfishermen.Please download User Guide from below link before using thisapp. Otherwise it won't be helpful to you. for more details, visit this app is specifically designed for Indian usershowever with better understanding of features, it can be used byothers as well.There are many well known navigation products available in themarket. However they are not user friendly or at least not easy forcomputer illiterate people to operate. That's how I come up withthis App which is very easy to use. Thus no need of buying costlynavigational devices. Rather by using Android phone's features suchas Touch Screen, Orientation sensors etc, it is more powerful, easyto use and more accurate. Also with updates, you will get betterfeatures and thus no need to buy separate navigation product fornew features.Key features:• Compass to show North and direction to Destination.• Compass also shows tilt measurements for boat/vessel.• Indian coastal locations are already saved.• User can add his own locations• We have stored approximate coastal international borders forPakistan, Bangladesh, Sri-Lanka and Maldives. So App warns abouttheir borders.• Google map which auto-rotates as per North direction. Alsodisplays destination point, your saved locations and aboveinternational borders.• You can store Home location or Port location where you normallykeep your boat/vessel. Or this Home location can be your Hotel ifused for trekking. So if Home location is saved, you are alwaysaware how far you are from Home.• At any time, you can get nearest 5 coastal locations of India andyour nearest saved locations.• Sun rise / set and Moon rise /set information are alwaysavailable for current and Home location. Thus information about lowand high tides can be found out and accordingly you can plan whento return home based on high tide timings.• Estimated Time based on speed• Device gives warning message once it starts closing towardsdestination by 1 KM or 500 meters or nearby.• Links to other useful apps for fishermen.This is in English language. However it is also available inother Indian languages such as Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati.
OBD2-ELM327. Car Diagnostics
Pedro A. Castillo
This application is an OBDII ECU diagnostics tool that uses abluetooth ELM327 adapter to connect to your car.Nowadays all available car parameters are monitored (see for adetailed description).Using a bluetooth ELM327 device and our Android mobile ortablet, we can check the car sensor values.Main window shows speed and RPM. Also, if GPS is present, thatwindow will show current GPS position and GPS-speed.At the bottom, detailed sensor information is shown (and updatedevery second).Compatible ELM327 adaptors can be found at any automobile shopand online webs, i.e. application stores all data in the SD, in a folder calledOBDii_ELM327.
東京メトロと都営地下鉄の全13路線について、乗り換えの所要時間と距離、乗り換えに最適な車両を表示するアプリです。トップ画面上部の地図をタップすると、東京メトロと都営地下鉄の路線図が表示されます。地図は自由に拡大・縮小・移動することができます。〜駅の選び方〜①メイン画面から、乗り換え元の路線(乗車している路線)を選択します。②駅の一覧から、乗り換えをする駅を選択します。駅の詳細画面では、おおまかな配置図と乗り換えの所要時間、乗り換えに最適な車両が表示されます。また、東京メトロ・都営地下鉄の公式サイトやGoogle Mapを、ボタン1つで開くこともできます。For all 13lines of Toei and Tokyo Metro, It is an application that displaysthe optimal vehicle distance and duration of the transfer, thetransfer.When you tap the map of the top top of the screen, route map ofTokyo Metro and Toei Subway is displayed. Map allows you to zoom,move freely.How to choose - of station① From the main screen, I select the route of the original transfer(route that ride).From the list of ② station, I will select the station to thetransfer.In the detail screen of the station, the required time oftransfer and rough layout drawing, the best vehicle is displayed onthe transfer.In addition, you can also open one button, the Google Map and theofficial website of the Tokyo Metro subway.
Tra Biển Số Xe
Ứng dụng tra biển số xe nhỏ gọn và chi tiếtcho thanh niên nào muốn nguy hiểm với bạn bè, hihi. Phần mềm giúptra cứu thông tin biển số xe, tra biển số xe theo tỉnh, tra biển sốxe theo huyện, tra biển số xe nước ngoài, tra biển số xe công an,tra biển số xe quân đội và các đơn vị đặc biệt của việt nam. Đặcbiệt phần mềm có tính năng tìm kiếm giúp bạn tra biển số nhanhhơnApplied investigationcompact car number and details for youth who want to hazard withfriends, hihi. Software helps lookup information of vehicle numberplates, number plates investigation by province, districtinvestigation under license plates, license plates foreigninvestigators, police investigating car number plates, numberplates investigation army and special units Vietnam's special.Special software features help you search faster tra numberplate
Die kostenlose App der BOGESTRA für mehrMobilität im gesamten VRR-Gebiet.BGSmobil ist der Begleiter für unterwegs. Die elektronischeFahrplanauskunft (EFA) für alle Verbindungen mit Bus-, Bahn- undStraßenbahn im Verkehrsverbund Rhein-Ruhr (VRR). Ob Fahrpläne,Fahrzeiten, Abfahrtspläne, Verbindungen, Kartenausschnitte,aktuelle Störungen oder Einzelfahrpreise des ÖPNV – alleInformationen lassen sich schnell, einfach und direkt vom aktuellenStandort aus darstellen.The free app BOGESTRA formore mobility in the entire VRR area.BGSmobil is the traveling companion. The electronic timetable (EFA)for all connections by bus, train and tram transport in theRhine-Ruhr (VRR). Whether schedules, timetables, departureschedules, links, map sections, current faults or single fares ofpublic transport - all the information can be quickly, easily anddirectly represent the current location.
Mumbai Local Navigator
Mumbai Local Navigator -Your one stop solution for all information required on MumbaiLocal.Follow us in twitter for latest updates:[email protected] App for Delhi MetroFeatures -1. Detailed Map2. Fare Calculator3. Route,Schedule ( Under Development Coming Soon !!! )<-- Permission -->Internet : For AdsWe have found a new way to generate some money from this freeapp. using this new search tool, we can keep creating apps and givethem to you completely free forever! This search is from our searchpartner and give you access to great web search via a search icon,bookmark link and homepage. You may remove them at your choice.Thanks.Simple, effective and accurate data including offline route mapand all this is without the use of internet. We encouragesuggestions,feedback and complaints to improve our product. Happytraveling.Developed ByAnupam Dutta ([email protected])Vikash Kumar ([email protected])Keywords : Mumbai Local Travel Transportation Route Planner MapNavigation Tariff Fare Mumbai Bombay Local Offline MumbaiSubwayTube
Bangalore Metro Navigator
Bangalore Metro Navigator -Your one stop solution for all information required on BangaloreMetro.Follow us in twitter for latest updates: [email protected] App for Bangalore MetroFeatures -1. Fare Calculator ,2. Detailed Bangalore Metro Map ,3. Offline Color Coded Route Planner ,4. Parking Rate5. Interchange Station Highlight<-- Internet needed for Ads Only :) -->Creating an app takes time and money, In order to keep creatinggreat (and free!) apps, we are using a new search service tomonetize our apps. With this service we are able to create moregreat apps for you guys. This option bundles a few search points(icon, bookmark and homepage) for you to use. You can erase theseeasily and with no effect to our app. Thanks!Simple, effective and accurate data including fares, parking feeinfo, offline route map and all this is without the use ofinternet. We encourage suggestions, feedback and complaints toimprove our product. Happy traveling.Developed ByVikash Kumar ([email protected])https://www.tilzmatictech.comKeywords : Bangalore Bengaluru BMRC Metro Travel TransportationRoute Planner Map Navigation Tariff Fare Bangalore Metro OfflineBangalore Metro
RP Armenia
Victor Apoyan
With the help of this app you may view traffic offenses registeredby the police camera and photo equipmentWith the help of this app you may:• Receive daily, weekly and monthly notifications• Automatically access the program in case of saved data• Pay Online• Watch the offenses online• Watch offenses*Disclaimer! We do not carry any responsibility for theadministrative fines and delay of any other notifications, as wellas their contents. Please note that notifications received via thisapplication are not official notifications and do not carry legalforce. This application is not created or endorsed by the police.It uses the open database of website.
Fuel Economy
Ever wondered how much that quick drive down to the shop reallycosts you? Or how much fuel you're going to need to get to yourrelatives miles and miles away? Or ever wondered what fuel economyyour're actually getting from that full tank of fuel? Ever wonderedhow to do these petrol calculations yourself?Well wonder no more! With the app you canwork out all of these petrol calculations easily right on yourdevice.- Work out how much journey will cost you in fuel.- Work out how many litres of fuel you'll need for a journey.- Work out what your effective MPG is.All the calculations are compatible with petrol/gasoline, diesel oreven hybrid cars, vans and trucks!This app is free and is ad-supported; it requests the internetaccess permission to display advertisements.
Tiket Kereta Api
Railway Ticket Booking Services Onlinepresented by PT . Kereta Api Indonesia ( Persero )As a company that manages the railway in Indonesia , PT . KeretaApi Indonesia ( Persero ) has many operate railway passengers ,both KA Main ( Commercial and Non- Commercial ) , as well as localtrains in Java and Sumatra , which consists of :- KA Executive- Economic KA AC- KA Business- KA Economy- KA Mixed- Local KA- KRL
Pig Spotter II
Mike Kroger
Easily capture and share speed trap, fixedcamera, road block, crime hotspot and accident locations with otherPig Spotter users.Speed trap, road block and accident locations will be retained bythe system for 24 hours only. Fixed camera and crime hotspotlocations will be retained by the system forever.Pig Spotter will also attempt to resolve address information foreach of the reported locations. The address (if the address issuccessfully resolved) will be stored on the Pig Spotter server,along with the longitude and latitude of the location.All newly posted speed traps, etc., will also be tweeted [email protected] on Twitter.Over 50 000 fixed camera locations have been loaded for variouscountries around the world.NO PERSONALLY IDENTIFIABLE INFORMATION IS COLLECTED OR SHARED BYPIG SPOTTER!
Ruroni Labs Pvt. Ltd.
Trains running late? Say goodbye to waiting onthe platform for the local and say hello to Rootin, yourinformation hub for Mumbai locals featuring:- Live arrival times- Filter direct trains to your destination- Accurate train time tables for Western, Central, Harbour andtrans-harbour railways- Local station maps to locate and find your way to facilities liketicket counter, toilet etc.Get live train timings in just one tap. The app detects yourclosest station or select your boarding station and see theinformation of upcoming trains. Enter the destination to filter outthe trains that take you directly. Use station maps to knowimportant places and march straight to them, minimizing walking andtime.Rootin is powered by Mumbaikars! The awesomeness of Rootin stemsin our cooperation with you, our amazing users who are always happyto help. This concept is known as crowdsourcing. So it is thecommuters of local who are generating live information of all theMumbai locals. Rootin serves as their technology partner.At Rootin, we claim that the simplest ever way to help thousandsof people is by pressing the 'Check in' button. When a commuterboards a train, he checks in that train on the app. By checking in,he or she shares the location of the train. Based on this locationand time data, we predict the train running status and update thisinformation on the app to help people waiting on the subsequentstations know the expected arrival time. More check ins = BetteraccuracyWe are currently serving the commuters of Mumbai local and willsoon be available for Buses!Common misspellings: Routine, Rooting, RooteenWe like to interact with you. So let's stay connectedLike us on Facebook: us on twitter: @rootinappCheck out our website:
Are you looking for a free Video Recorder ?Then, you are at the right place!DriveCamRecorder was produced to make the drivers’ lives mucheasier. This app enables saving the route with the possibility offurther browsing. Thanks to the saved information, you will be ableto check the speed and position of your vehicle at the moment ofrecording.Are you looking for a Video Recorder that works together withanother app with a navigation function? Nothing simpler! Turn onthe background recording and activate the navigation.With an increasing number of vehicles and collisions on theroads, this app will become your partner during the dailytravels.The main options:- The background recording or the preview image recording, thatworks together with other apps with a GPS receiver.- The embedded file manager that enables you to manage yourrecordings.- The player with a map view – together with the video footage, youwill be able to see the date, speed and position of your vehicle atthe moment of recording.- Settings enabling to adjust the app to fit your ownpreferences.- Cyclic recording allows you to make new recordings at a certaintime.- Automatic deleting of files,- Taking pictures while recordingDownload recordings player on Windows : our fanpage on facebook -> can also find us on twitter -> project -> you have any questions, suggestions or problems, contact mevia [email protected] may work improperly on the devices with amodified software (e.g.CyanogenMod) and it is the fault of thesystem.Keywords : video recorder, route recorder, car dvr, black box,background recorder, road recorder, accident traffic, trip, carrecorder, accident report, 4k, dcr, drive recorder, dash, dash cam,720p, parking dash, backwards camera, reverse cam, acceleration,car GPS, drive cam recorder, loop recorder, safe box
MioMap Taiwan
Mio Technology
MioMapTaiwan,讓您的手機不需要連線也能使用導航地圖與軟體,獨家附近逛逛瀏灠模式及關鍵字POI搜尋,讓您隨時方便查詢目的地,強大快速的運算功能,內建六種不同的路徑規劃建議與國道里程收費計算,提供您一目瞭然的最佳選擇。(建議付費購買前,請先下載安裝試用版)產品主要特色:✓內建六種路徑規劃,同時顯示四種路徑規劃✓關鍵字搜尋✓即時路況與繞道建議(需網路連線服務)✓國道里程收費計算✓分割畫面資訊選單✓旅程計畫✓辨別切換高架/平面道路✓尋找目的地附近停車場✓高快速道路出入口指引(Junction View)✓固定式測速照相警示✓道路速限標示與超速提示✓適用版本:Android 2.3以上版本 (目前尚未支援Android 5.X)✓支援解析度:480 x 800 / 480x272 / 800x480 / 960x540 / 1024x600 /1280x720 / 1280x800 / 1920x1080付費升級MioMap Pro Taiwan功能:✓完整導航功能✓TTS語音播報功能(Turn-by-Turn)✓不支援廠牌(如有更新以官網為準):MioMap Pro Taiwan不支援 ASUS PhonePad、ASUS MEMO PadFHD10 (wifi) 、LGE988 G Pro、INFOCUS IN815、LG G3、HTC New1 mini, HTCE9 PLUS購買方式:✓詳情請上
Fiat Ducato Camper Mobile
FCA Italy S.p.A.
FIAT DUCATO CAMPER MOBILE is the original FiatDucato Camper application for your smartphone.It’s designed to always be on hand, wherever you go, and to offeryou the information and services that you want quickly andsimply.The application is available for free1 in Italian, English, French,German and SwedishWith Fiat Ducato Camper Mobile you can take advantage of manyservices2: find your nearest service centre, contact Fiat CamperAssistance, the Customer Service and Roadside Assistance, torequest roadside rescue when needed. You can find parking areas,campsites and the nearest points of interest. The app iscontinuously updated with new services and functions.Notes1. The application is available for free and does not charge forits use. However, it requires the use of telephone and datatransmission services. We therefore advise you to check theapplicable rates for these services with your provider.2. Some services are not available in all countries.3. The application is available for Android 2.3.3 and lateroperating systems.
渋滞ブラウザ 全国高速道路一般道渋滞情報
渋滞ブラウザは全国の高速道路・主要道路の渋滞情報を表示することに特化して、ユーザーインターフェースを向上させたブラウザです。地図のタップで地域の移動や一般道路と高速道路などのブラウジングが可能です。さらに高速道路の渋滞箇所をタップすると詳細情報が表示でき、渋滞箇所の通過時間などを確認できます。Googleマップの渋滞情報ももちろん表示可能。音声入力で、すばやく見たい地域に移動可能です。ブックマーク機能を利用して、よく見るページを優先的にブラウジング。ブックマークの並び替えもフリックで可能。デフォルトのトップページは全国高速道路地図になっていますが、ブックマーク機能と連携して、ブックマークの一番上のアイテムががトップページとして表示されます。交通渋滞、交通規制、旅行時間などの文字情報も表示可能。一般道路の重要箇所の画像を表示可能なので、天候状況などを確認できます。最大2ヶ月先までの渋滞予測を表示可能。旅行の計画などに役立ちます。渋滞時抜け道ルート作成機能が利用可能です。GoogleMapのビューで、渋滞の手前の地点をを地図中心に合わせて左上のポイントボタンをタップ。同様に、渋滞の終了する先の地点を地図中心に合わせてポイントボタンをタップ。これで、まずは最短ルートが表示されます。次に、渋滞を避けた場所を経由地として地図中心に合わせてポイントボタンをタップします。すると、渋滞を避けるようなルートが作成されるはずです。適宜、経由地を増やしたり、折り返しが起こらないように経由地をずらしたりして操作すると自動車が通れる道路をルートとして作成します。全自動ではないので、ちょっとしたコツが必要ですが、うまく使えるようになると、知らない土地での抜け道作成が出来るようになります。ルート作成が出来たら、右上のコンパスボタンを有効にして追従モードにしてください。常に現在地が地図の中心になるようになります。※これがGoogleナビに転送出来ればいいのですが、Googleナビは経由地のintentに対応していないので、現在のところ不可能です。※追従モード時は常時バックライトONになりますのでバッテリの消耗にご注意ください。※運転中の携帯機器などの直視・利用は道路交通法で禁止されています。運転中は利用を控えるか、助手席の方に操作していただくようにしてください。Congestion browser is abrowser that are specialized to displaying congestion informationhighway, main roads across the country, improved userinterface.It is possible browsing, such as roads and highways and move theregion at the tap of the map. More information can be displayedwhen you tap the congestion point of the highway further, you cansee the transit time and place of congestion.Viewable course congestion information of Google Maps. Voice input,it can be moved to areas you want to see quickly.Using the bookmark feature, browsing on a priority basis the pagelook good. Can also flick Sort bookmark.Home of default is the national highway map, but in conjunctionwith the bookmark function, the item is at the top of the bookmarkwill be displayed as the top page.You can also view character information traffic congestion, trafficregulations, and travel time.Because it is possible to display images of important parts of theopen road, you can check the weather and other circumstances.Can display congestion forecast of up to two months in advancemaximum. I can help you, such as travel plans.Loophole route creation feature is available traffic jam. Inview of the GoogleMap,Tap the button in the upper left point according to the mapcentered on a point in front of the traffic jam.Similarly, tap on the point button according to the map centered onthe point where you want to end the congestion.This first shortest route will be displayed. Then tap the buttonpoint to match the map center as a transit point to the locationwhere you have to avoid the congestion.Then, as root avoid the congestion should be created. Accordingly,create a road route as the car go through If, as you do so, you canshift to a waypoint or increase the transit point, folded so as toprevent. Because it is not fully automated, you need a littletrick, but if you learn to use well, creating a loophole in theland that you do not know will be able to.Route creation when you can, please follow-up mode by enabling thecompass button in the upper right corner. You are here will makeyou become the center of the map at all times.※ It is good if you can transfer to Google Navi this but, GoogleNavigation is not compatible with the intent of the waypoint, it isimpossible at present.※ Please note that the consumption of the battery it will be backto light ON always follow-up mode.※ face and use of such mobile devices while driving are prohibitedby the Road Traffic Act. Do you refrain from the use, please do getto operate towards the passenger seat while driving.
Andale - Carsharing aggregator
Nominated Best Transportation App by theEuropean Union in 2016.App of the year for SDA Bocconi and Edison in 2015Andale is the only application that lets you subscribe toall main carsharing, bikesharing, scootersharing services, Uber andTaxi from the same platform and at the same time!With a single subscription you will have access to all mainservices present in your city of interest, in Italy and abroad,receiving up to 150 FREE minutes of usage!And this is not the only advantage!Let your friends know about Andale using your personal “FriendCode” you can find within the app and both will receive extra freeminutes of usage!With Andale you will be able to use the following services:Milan -- Car2go, Enjoy, E-vai, Guidami, Share'NGo, Zego, Uber,Bikemi;Rome -- Car2go, Enjoy, RomaCarSharing, Share'NGo, Uber;Florence -- Car2go, GirACI, Share'NGo, Enjoy, Uber;Turin -- Car2go, CarCityClub, Enjoy, ToBike, Zego;Berlin, Munich, Cologne, Dusseldorf, Hamburg, Wien, Frankfurt,Stuttgart -- Car2go, DriveNowAndale is:1- USEFUL. A single registration enables you to access all majorcarsharing, bikesharing, scootersharing services, Uber and Taxi inyour city from the same platform and at the same time.2-COMPLETE. Uber, Car2go, Enjoy, Share’NGO? There are all of them,and much more!3-EASY TO USE. You can look for the best solution for any situationby simply looking at a single and clear map.4-CLEAR. Compare costs for each service, subscription and usageguidelines.5-CONVENIENT. Select your destination and the application willestimate time and cost to destination. Choose the service that willbring you to destination in the least time and at lowest cost forany one situation!Andale: One App – All Carsharing and Bikesharing services!We are always happy to hear from our users!For any comment, question or doubt, don’t hesitate to write us atthe following address: [email protected] us on Facebook: Twitter: is not affiliated to any Carsharing, Bikesharing or Taxiservice and all brands and logos are owned by the respective ownerCompanies.“If you don’t have available data on your phone but need to book avehicle, look for a “OpenWi-Fi” area through Andale. Once you reachit you will be able to book the chosen vehicle without regesteringto the Wi-Fi service!