Prashant Wosti Apps

[Xposed] Bypass Secure Windows 1.0
Xposed module that bypasses the "FLAG_SECURE"window flag to enable screenshot of any secure app and itscontent.You may have noticed "Can't take screenshot due to limited storagespace, or its isn't allowed by the app or your organization."message while taking screenshots.This module will bypass that barrier with ease.☆Requirements:1. Rooted device2. Xposed framework installed [Download it from here:]Supports Android 4.0.3 and higher.
Material Colors 1.0
Material Colors is an one-stop collection of20 palettes with more than 270 colors.Palette starts with primary colors and fills in the spectrum tocreate a complete and usable palettes for interface designs.The "Live Palette" feature uses your phone's camera to generatepalettes from the dominant and prominent colors of yoursurroundings. Share your unique palettes among friends or apply itin your work. Whichever way you prefer.Have fun with colors!
GSM Tool for Nepal 1.5
GSM Tool is for the users of Nepal and it onlyworks under Ncell and Nepal Telecom networks. This applicationminimizes the hassle of using asterisk(*) and hash(#) keys toperform IVR and USSD operations.It simply makes your daily life a bit easier. :)Terms and Copyrights:All trademarks, service marks, trade names, logos and colorsappearing in this application are the property of their respectiveowners. All rights reserved.Privacy Policy:This application NEVER shares your pin numbers and phone numbersanywhere.Proudly made in Kathmandu★Please rate and write your Feedback/Suggestions/Issuesbelow.★
Give me Gradle! 1.1
Searching for dependencies, artifactsandlibraries?Give me Gradle! is the fastest way to search for them.Detailedresults are shown in both Gradle and Maven template foryour ease.Now, the whole Maven 2 Central Repository is in yourphone.Checking for the latest builds is now easier than ever.★ Features ★★ Can search with "artifact name" and "groupid" [searchwithdeveloper's name in next release].★ Developer friendly detailed Gradle and Maven template.★ Let developer do a quick peek to latest builds.★ List of most used artifacts. [In future, it will be updatedwithmost searched artifacts via this app].
Yes/No 1.0
Can't decide Yes or No? Let this app helpyoudecide in a funnier way.It's fool proof.Powered by