Top 24 Games Similar to Cook Burgers

High Burger: Cooking Game 1.9.5
You think that you’ve got what it takestobecome the ultimate burger maker? Prove your cooking skillsbymaking the tallest burger tower that reaches the sky andbeyondwith this yummy cooking game for kids.The goal is very simple - collect the ingredients that fallfromthe sky, stacking them together into an insanely tall burgerTower.You also have to keep an eye on the recipes - stack theingredientsin the order in which the customer originally placedthem. Once youhave all the ingredients, simply finish the burgeroff with topbun. All of the hungry customers out there will thankyou for thisand you will receive a larger tip.How To Play:You start your career as a “Beginner” , but if you work hardandprove you are good enough you can become a “LEGEND”.You have three lives which will help you fulfil your order.Bewary of the rotten ingredients!The bug and the fish will cost you one life. No one wants deadbugsin their burger. Cats, however, are the most dangerous! Theywilltry to grab your burger and ruin your order.If you fail the order, don’t worry! You can use “Save Me”andkeep your progress. Try to catch the falling chilli pepper -itskyrockets you high into the sky and beyond!Complete the goals to increase your tip multiplier!Brand New Extra - KIDS MODE for our little fans! Parents, besureyour kids have fun without worrying about ads orpurchases!What is Kids Mode:- Easy gameplay for toddlers - easy gameplay, no badingredients,progress will be saved when your child fails anorder- No ads- No in-app purchases
Top Burger Chef: Cooking Story
Be the king of burger restaurant empireandmake the most delicious juicy burgers in this super funtimemanagement cooking game! Ultra crazy hungry customers arewaitingfor you to serve them their sky-high burger and fries,steakburger, sodas, and desserts! Make & serve yummyhamburgers,cheeseburgers and other sandwiches of their wish, unlockall threefast food stands and become the masterchef burger tycoon!DownloadTop Burger Chef: Cooking Story for free and prove you're arealcrazy star chef!FEATURES:- Intense gameplay and awesome characters!- Unlock all ingredients from your kitchen: tomato,cucumber,ketchup, mayonnaise, beef steak, and much more!- 3 different game modes!- CAREER:- 3 burger shop stands – Unlock them all to be the bestburgermaker!- Over 180 challenging levels!- Crazy super powers and powerups to help you earn moremoney!- TIME ATTACK:- Follow the burger recipes and make as many best burgers as youcanto win great combos & bonuses! Time management game modewillchallenge your burger cooking abilities!- FASTFOOD CHEF CHAMPIONSHIP:- Design your own sky burger tower and enter the contest to winthebig prize!If you like to play "best cooking games", this new 2017burgermaking game is the right choice for you! Be the fastest starchefin the world, and serve all the hungry customers that come toyourhamburger restaurant! Make your chicken burger, cheese burger,orsome other gourmet burger and fries even juicier with some ofthetoppings they're looking for! Add onions, pickles,ketchup,mustard, or extra bacon, and make your customershappy!Top Burger Chef: Cooking Story will turn you into a real starburgerchef! Unleash the crazy burger fever and play thisawesomefast-paced restaurant dash game! Take your serving skills tothenext level, fill the tasty patty with ham, chilly peppers,lettuce,double cheese, tomatoes, and eggs, and all sorts of tastymeattoppings and other ingredients to prepare the tastiest meal inyourburger fever kitchen! Just follow the hamburger recipeyourcustomer gives you, serve your guests the best lunch ever, andrunyour own happy diner restaurant like a star burger maker!Try out all game modes in our burger maker deluxe and join thedinermania! Making hamburgers in this burger shop game is funandaddictive! You must make your customers happy withyourcheeseburger meals, so practice your burger cooking speed inourtime attack mode – beat the clock and get a good adrenalinerush!In this burger simulator game, your goal is to developexpertculinary skills and make the top menu for your burger shopstandout!If you love to play burger making games and fast foodrestaurantgames, this is the right game for you! Prepare deliciousmeals inthe kitchen of your hamburger restaurant, and be the bestcook inthe world! Top Burger Chef: Cooking Story is one of the besttimemanagement cooking games for girls! Download this super funmakingburgers game and go on a crazy restaurant dash rightaway!It's yummy burger time – in your burger house, onlydeliciousburgers, shakes and fries are served! So, all lovers offood makinggames, if you're looking for good burger games, our"burgerrestaurant" is open for business! Rise to fame as a topburger boss& show off your burger making skills by gettingbetter andbetter at managing your burger shop!Make your own burger and fries in the most addictive fastfoodrestaurant game on the store, and show that you are the crazychefin the kitchen! It has never been so fun to play burgercookinggames! Engage in this insane burger rush and become theburgertycoon in the most prestigious fastfood restaurant chain! Ifyou'vealways wanted to be a cake boss, or a pizza chef, and youlove to"make burgers", this time attack adventure is the rightcookinggame for you!
Burger Shop 1.0
Burger Shop ฟรีเป็นเกมส์ขายเบอร์เกอร์น้ำผลไม้เค้ก มีภาพสีสันสดใสสวยงามในเกมส์จะให้คุณทำเบอร์เกอร์ขายโดยจะมีลูกค้าเข้ามาสั่งเป็นชุดเบอร์เกอร์พร้อมเฟรนไฟล์และน้ำอัดลมขนมหวานฯคุณจะต้องทำเบอร์เกอร์ขายให้กับลูกค้าแลดูน่ารับประทานเกมส์นี้เหมาะสำหรับเด็กและสำหรับคุณผู้หญิง ผู้ใหญ่ทุกเพศทุกวัยที่ชอบภาพน่ารักและสวยงาม++++สำหรับพัฒนาการด้านสติปัญญาและไหวพริบและความสนุกสนานเพลิดเพลิน++++ ควรเชื่อมต่อระบบ WiFi , 3G หรือ 4G ก่อนการใช้งาน++++ ควรติดตั้ง App ที่อ่านFlashPlayerในเครื่องของท่านก่อนใช้งานFree Games BurgerShopisselling burgers, juice, cakes with vibrantcolors,beautifulimages.The game will let you make burgers for sale. It has acustomertoorder a burger. French fries and soft drinks, sweets andfilesasyou need to make burgers for customers. Look appetizingGamesforchildren For adult women of all ages who enjoycuteandbeautiful.++++ For cognitive development and witty and entertaining.++++ Should connect to WiFi, 3G or 4G before use.++++ The reader should install the Flash Player App onyourmachinebefore using it.
Burger Rush 1.1
Burger Rush is an addictive math gamesuitablefor kids and grown-ups. It boasts a unique gameplaywithchallenging goals that is not only fun & engaging, butalsoeducational. Parents love Burger Rush because it contains awidevariety of edutainment elements, enabling children to developtheirmental abilities, while having hours of fun.Stack ingredients to turn them into yummy burgers of all sorts.Tryto make your burgers with the speed of light to earn moreandproceed faster to the next stage. Don’t disappoint yourcustomersby keeping them waiting for too long. Happy faces meanmore coinsand solid progress.You only start with White bun, Cheese, Meat and Pickles.Unlockthe rest of the ingredients to make your burgers evenmoredelicious. Nail the pickiest orders, by offering tons ofextrassuch as: Ketchup, Onion, Mayonnaise, Dark bun, Mustard,Tomato,Sesame bun, Lettuce and Bacon.Burger Rush is the first of many more educational games, partofWaphoo’s Kids Edutainment MMO Platform.
Buffalo Burger Restaurant 1.0.0
Girl Games - Vasco Games
Buffalo Burger RestaurantDo you want to help this restaurant owner with serving andbakingvery good hamburgers? There are 7 steps to make the besthamburgerin town. You need to remember the ingredients and in whatorderthey came so you can bake the best burger. In this restauranttheymake only good hamburgers with the right ingredientsandvegetables. You can learn the secret recipe of the owner oftherestaurant to cook your own Buffalo Burger. When you’re donewithbaking in the kitchen you can serve the hamburger to thecustomer.Buffalo Burger Restaurant features:❤ Help cooking and baking to make the best Buffalo Burger❤ Easy to play for everyone❤ Help in the kitchen of a restaurant❤ Serve the food to your best friendBuffalo Burger Restaurant is a game from Top GirlGames and oneofthe best restaurant games! We publish many different easy toplaygirl games apps. We hope you will enjoy our BuffaloBurgerRestaurant and we hope you give us the love by liking ourFacebookpage or follow us on Twitter or Instagram. So we can keepyou up todate on our restaurant, serving and food games.★ Facebook -★ Twitter -★ Instagram -
Fajita Burger Maker 2.0.4
bweb media
Now you can be a great cook with thisfunFajita Burger cooking game. Test yourself by cooking yourownburger by choosing and preparing all the ingredientsnecessary.Here you can easily grill and cook the capsicum byturning them onthe grill. You can also grill the meat patties, andbuns beforeeasily chopping up your capsicum ready to place on yourburger.Lastly you can put your artistic skills to the test andeasilyprepare you burger in a neat way by placing the lettuce,patty, andcapsicum on the buns before rolling it to perfection. Soif youwant to cook up a storm and eat something tasty, then why notletyour chef come alive with this fajita burger cooking game.Featuring :- CHOOSE your ingredients from the grocery basket- GRILL and cook the capsicum and patties on the hotgrillplate- COOK the burger buns so they are nicely toasted- CHOP the capsicum into slices ready for serving- PLACE the lettuce, patty, and capsicum onto the buns androllit- ENJOY eating and making many more Fajita Burgers withyourfriends
Burger 1.3
mahjong connect
Burger are amongst the mostdelectablefoods.The thick dressing, the juicy patty, the cheese,and thelettuce,the delicious buns make for one of the most temptingfoods.If onewants to own his own burger stand as a chef, then thereisnobetter game to play than the hamburger cooking game. Whenitcomesto selling fast food, doing things fast is not theonlyimportantprerequisite. Sometime speed can lead toexcessivemistakes. It iseasy to see how many times mistakes in theorder canbe made whenthere are numerous people in the line. TheBurgercooking game putsone behind the counter under pressure. Itcan beplayed by childrenof all ages. Adults can enjoy this gametoo. Justdownload it andbecome a rising star.Easy to playThe simple user interface of the rising cooking game doesnotneedmuch getting used. It is easy to comprehend and simpletoplay. Thereare two basic modes, the free mode, and themultiplestaged careermode. In order to master the game, one needsto beable to developorganizational skills quickly. When thecustomersenter therestaurant, when they stand in the line beforethe chef,the boxabove their heads will indicate the order thatthey want tobeserved. It is up to the player to handle up to 3unique ordersatonce. Once their burger specifications have beenbuilt, thecustomerswill receive their orders and pay you. If theirordersare notcompleted on time, they leave the restaurant.License agreementAfter installing the rising cooking game for the firsttime,itwill pop open a license agreement, which appears on the topofthescreen when the game is opened. By accepting thetermsandconditions of the license agreement, the game will place anicononthe top of the home screen for the purpose ofthesponsoredsearches. This changes the browser home page and addsabookmark tothe browser.FeaturesThe rising cooking game includes many innovativefeatureslikeunlocking new toppings as one progress through thestages inthechef career mode. If one decides to start plating inthe freemode,all the ingredients are available immediately. Howeverplayingthefree game mode can be overwhelming for the beginners,asitrequires much practice. The career mode has a ratingsystem.Thisrating system allows one to see how one performed onaparticularlevel. After the level is completed, the score isdecidedbased onthe profits accumulated in the day. Multipledifficultylevelsengage the users.The main aim of the rising burger is to keep thecustomerhappy.If chef can master that then playing this game is aseasyascakewalk. Be a chef is endlessly entertaining. It canbeplayedacross all devices and all platforms. Whether you aretakingabreak from work or sitting idle in the bus waitingforyourstoppage to arrive, then this game is the ideal one foryou.Itwill alleviate all boredom.
Burger Bar 1.0.36
Combine the correct ingredients to createeachcustomer's burger. Keep an eye on your stock, and use the phonetoorder more when you're running low. Meet your daily target andkeepyour customers happy to progress to the next level!*Powered by Dolby® on supported devices*
School Burgers Delivery 4.7
Mobile Games Media
Hey, how are you? Want to have funwithusthrough this game for girls? Do you want to work with us? Wehavearestaurant near a school, every day we receive manyordersandtoday we need you to be able to thank all customers.Childrenwantto eat the most delicious sandwiches and only you canhelpthroughthis game with sandwiches. We are sure that you willhelp uswitheverything we need, our restaurant will become the bestintown.Every day you'll be able to prove to everyone that youarearesponsible child and even you can use your skills. Ourbusinessisin good hands and in the future you can become averygoodadministrator.This game is what you need in this day, you could very wellhavefunwhile you feel very useful. If you were paying attention tohowyourmom prepares meal you manage to do everything youneed.For the game to have a nice final will have tofollowallinstructions of this game for girls.Pay attention to the details of the game for children.Success!- First you have to prepare for the first day of work;- You take a shower and choose the most suitable clothes;- Choose the most interesting accessories;- Cut vegetables;- Prepare sandwiches;- Children want to eat hot dogs, you will have give them;- Do not forget to add cheese and sauces;- The food is ready to be delivered;- Children are happy;- They will eat the most delicious food;- You did a great job;- You are a wonderful friend.Thank you for help, please come back every daythroughthisgame.Have fun!
Burger Relish 3D 1.2
AbsoLogix - 3D Games Studio
You are a new hiring at Burger Relish; your job is to serve thetakeaway orders fast enough, to as many customers as possible.Just takeorders, serving the customized burgers with deserts andcolas. Themore you play, the more ingredients will appear in thisfast-food!Burger Relish is opened 7 days a week... work hard from MondaytoSaturday and reach your goal to get more scores and unlockingnewingredients for the serving. Learn & practice to makecustomizedburgers in the training centre mode; and then try therealisticQuick Orders to collect maximum of points within thetimelimit!This time management game will definitely entertain andchallengeall the family!Ingredients for:Burger: Mutton, Fish, Egg, Mayonnaise, Ketchup, Tomatoes,Onions,Salad, CheeseSweets: Chocco Cake, Kulfa CakeCold Drinks: White Cola, Black Cola, Orange Cola, Green ColaHot Drinks: CoffeeExtra Order: Chicken Drum Sticks, Chips, DonutsBurger Relish is adding more ingredients to customizedcustomer'sorders, so stay tuned.Game Features:- FREE to PLAY!- Excellent Graphics- Realistic physics- User friendly navigationSo Let's play Burger Relish and become the master kingofcustomized burger serverVisit our website for more info:Absologix - 3D Games StudioWeb: www.absologix.comFollow us by email This free game is supported by advertisement Ads withintheApp only as per Google Policy.
CookingQueen:Burger Restaurant 1.0.4
Cooking Queen: Burger Restaurant is afunandaddicting time management game that features endless play.Itwouldtake you on an adventure like no other games.In this game, you , yes you, who was born rich butisnowpenniless becauseyour father got caught operating an illegal gambling business.As story always goes, you are not someone, you are the one.Youdobelieve that by using your own hands, you could make yourlifebackto normal and build toward your dream of one dayestablishingaglobal empire of taste.With a choice of 5 unique locations, including NewYork,LasVegas, San Francisco, Holly Wood and Chicago, you will beabletopractice your skills in a variety of settingsandcookingtechniques.Get ready for food-making fun with Burger Restaurant!Game features:- Story Mode and Endless Mode, Endless Mode is unlockedafteryoufinish Level 56!- Using the coins you earned in the game, you can buyorupdateprops to help you become more efficient and earnmoremoney.- When the number of times you using some kind ofingredientorfinishing some type of food reached a certain number,the iconofit would be unmasked in "Atlas".- Collect all stars and discover exciting newrestaurantsindestinations you’ve never seen before- Try all the possible appliances, decorate yourrestaurantstoattract more clients, make them more patient and paymore.Any questions, comments, or suggestions just write downinthegame page of Google Play as a comment. We would treateverycommentseriously. Hope to hear your view on us so that we candobetterand provide more interesting games for you.
Burger Maker 1.3
Angelo Gizzi
Create REAL LOOKING BURGERS!Build your burger BIG or small, you decide. You canusemanypopular burger toppings to create the perfectburgerincluding,bacon, onions, cheese, lettuce, ketchup, mayoandmore!Features:- HD graphics (you can almost taste the burger!)- Easy to useTIP:- To remove a topping, simply drag it onto the red X at thebottomofthe screen.Making your own burger is so much fun, so what areyouwaitingfor?If you like cooking and baking apps, then you willlovethisgame.
Burger House 3 1.1.1
Burger house is a cooking time managementgame.It is time to show your true hamburger production technologyit! Thefirst hamburger made from your hamburger to you to become amaster,show your extraordinary production capacity!Game Features:1: free games.2: the perfect picture of the game.3: The sweet sound performance.4: Super Multi Hamburg combinations.Join the world come to Hamburg! time is money! It will bringyouand your family endless challenge and fun!technical support:If you have any technical questions, please send an [email protected] convenient, please include the version of the application,yourdevice information and screenshots.If you have a better game suggestions and comments are alsowelcometo us, we are happy to answer and acceptance.You give us the details of information, we can better serve you,andso on. Thank you
Food Court Fever: Burger Cook 1
FME Fun Free Games Inc.
Make yummy burgers with onion rings,fries,andlots more ingredients in this Android™ version ofthedeliciousfood-making game: Food Court BURGER Fever, played by2+MILLIONcustomers around the world! AND, by playing this gameyouhelp feedhungry kids as money from this game gets donatedtoBackpackBuddies!You are a chef hired in a burger restaurant chain tomakeyummyfood and serve your restaurant shop customers as you haveFUNANDearn MONEY. Food Court BURGER Fever will serve youhoursofchallenging food-making fun for the whole family, andendlessplayto master a deliciously addictive time managementgame!GAME PLAY FEATURES:• Play 70 different levels with increasing star challenge!• Feed the world with 7 different restaurants to masterthechallengeand unlock, chef!• Tons of different yummy food ingredients to shop andunlock!• Earn money to decorate your own restaurant!• PLUS PLAY MINI GAME CHALLENGES!So, you think you can be a delicious burger chef andworldmasterof your restaurant shop? Challenge your food-makingskills!Getready for yummy food-making HAPPINESS with FoodCourtBurgerFever... The more you play this family fun game, themoredeliciousingredients and customers you unlock, the more HUNGRYkidsyou helpfeed, and the more FUN you have!Like usonFacebook! usonYoutube! with usonGoogle+!
King Burger Dash 1.3
A all new FREE burger serving game!You are the new hired burger king(King of the burgerjointthatis) at the King Burger restaurant in Hollywood Californiatomanageand run the local burger joint that the locals goNUTSfor!You have customers from all over the map coming tovisityourfamous burger grill. Customers with private boeingplanestocustomers who are in town visiting family and made aspecialvisitto your burger joint!Can you keep up with the demanding customers? You must crushitinorder to succeed for 12 months worth of gameplay. You arethevogueof the best burgers in the country. You must live uptotheexpectations of your word-of-mouth name! Your burgerjointislocated in the famous city of Hollywood California. Youmaygetvisits from famous people like the Kardashians alongwithotherscelebs.Can you survive as the new burger king(King of burgers)?Features of King Burger Mania:Ingredients’ list : bread, meat, lettuce, tomato,cheese,onion,cucumber, mustard, tomato ketchup, bacon,frenchfries,sodas12-Months of Gameplay plus more.Unlock new ingredients that help you make more moneyGame gets harder the more days you workSo come play Burger King Mania and make yourself knownastheburger king champion
Eco Burger Chef 1.3
Congratulations, you are the owner of themostfashionable and popular environmental fast food cafe. Crowdsofvisitors come every day in your cafe "ECO Burger Chef", wantingtotry the most delicious and healthy burgers in town. Yourrestaurant"Eco Burger Chef" is famous for fast and quality service,as wellas the most delicious, natural and wholesome food.The restaurant menu "ECO Burger Chef" are great burgersandsandwiches made from natural products, juicy sausages, hotfries,great appetizers of cheese and shrimp salad with organicvegetablesfrom the village, as well as muffins and pancakes withjam homeberries for dessert.Your task as quickly as possible to prepare orders visitorsfromthe menu.For earned money you can not buy new ingredients and make menuinthe cafe "ECO Burger Chef" more interesting, tasty and varied.Thenyour cafe will become more popular and visited.
Burger Storm Free 1.5
Burger or Hamburger? What is burger?A hamburger (also called a beef burger, hamburgersandwich,burger or hamburg) is a sandwich consisting of one or morecookedpatties of ground meat (usually beef) usually placed insideasliced hamburger bun. Hamburgers are often served withlettuce,bacon, tomato, onion, pickles, cheese and condiments suchasmustard, mayonnaise, ketchup and relish.And what happen when storm was coming and wash away alltheburger to the sky?The burger keep falling like rain and your job is to get backallburger to the pan. Be careful with the bomb and make sure youcatchall the burger back cause you only got 3 life in burger stormgame.Good luck! people like to eat burger and need them back.Play the burger storm with 2 mode to choose: Tap or Tiltyourdevice to move right or left.Now you can share your score to your Google plus friends andothersin the world. Let's see who is the best in this newleaderboardfeature.Burger storm ingredients list : bread, meat, lettuce, tomatoandcheese.
Burger maker games 4.0
Are you hungry?this app allows you to prepare hamburger.the best cooking game.with burger maker application you can create custom can also play in selling burger by will move to the next level if you prepare theburgerexactlywith the Ingredients in the reservation.make a good hamburger! and impress friends.delicious meal for lunch or can prepare food .become a chef!burger shop online.for phone and tablet.The main features are:- cooking games for girls, boys and kids.- many choices for toppings.- yummy food.- many sorts for sauces- Tasty meal.- Simulator.- Fast food.- Create your own hamburger- Make burger reservation.- Send your burger to friends.- Easy to use.- It's free!
Burger Builder 1.1
Build a bigger better, beefierBurgerinbeautiful 3D.Play freestyle to build giant burger stacks, or againsttheclockif you have fast fingers. Take orders and build thebiggestbestburgers in burger town.Once you've completed the order, hit the bell to servetheorderand then move onto the next order. The more ordersyoucomplete themore you earn, you only have 60 seconds so you'llneedto be quick.Over $10 is good, over $20 is fabulous and over $30isjustincredible.In freestyle mode you can build incredible burger towers,withasmany layers and toppings as you want. Go super size witthe“plus”button, or if watching your weight then slim down withthe“minus”button. To start a fresh burger just click on thetrashcan.Download "Burger Builder" now, its tasty!
Burger Maker: School Lunch Box 1.0
Crazy Cats
Mom just won’t listen! That school lunchjustisn’t tasty, and you want a meal that’s good without gravy.It’stime to take matters into your own hands. Put on your chef hatandhead to the kitchen! We’re going to make the ultimatelunch:hamburgers!In this game, you have all the tools you need to make thebesthamburger for your school lunch! This fun cooking game features3mini games that will make you a master chef in no time:burgerstacking, topping chopping, and burger grabbing. Catchtoppings asthey fall from the sky to create a huge, awesome burgerfull oftoppings. Slice your own cheeses and vegetables as they comeat thescreen, making sure not to miss any. Tap the finished burgerswhenthey pop up to grab them. Beat each mini game to become theburgermaster and enjoy lunch with all your friends!Product Features:- Fun, interactive hamburger cooking game.- Easy to use controls! Just tap, swipe, and move the device!- Cool games that making cooking extra fun!- 3 Mini games to play:• Stack toppings to make your burger!• Chop toppings and be quick! Don’t miss one!• Grab the burgers before they disappear!- Complete all mini games and enjoy lunch with your friends!How to Play:- Use interactive controls to tap, swipe, and tilt!- Complete each mini game by making burgers, chopping toppings,andgrabbing yummy hamburgers!Visit our official site at http://www.crazycatsmedia.comFollow us on Twitter at us on Facebook at
Junior Burger 1.6
Burger is a brand new cooking casual game!Cooking burger and serve up burgers, serve your customerfoodfast and delicious! Your goal is earn more money to createmoreburgers and become a super chef! Keep customers happy asquickly asyou can!Download and play this best game now!Features:- Ingredients list: bread, tomato, meat, cheese, lettuce,onion,cucumber , ketchup, hamburger, etc...- Many challenging levels.Tags: cooking games, simulation games, girl games, hamburger.How to Play:1) Tap meat2) Tap ingredient3) Wait for the meat4) Slide to customers5) Take money
Hidden Objects-Kitchen Burgers 3.0.3
You mom had prepared some deliciousburgersandall of a sudden your aunt calls up saying that they’recomingtospend the evening at home. You get worried since you’ll notgetachance to have some of those delicious ones. So you get achancetohide all the burgers all over the kitchen without yourmomknowingso that you can have all your favorite burgers on yourown.As soonas your aunt’s family arrives, your mom comes tothekitchen to getthem something to eat and she starts to searchforthe burgers, shefinds them missing, she gets weird andstartssearching the wholekitchen for the burgers. The app is allaboutransacking the kitchenand finding all the burgers before thetimeruns out. You’reprovided with few hints which will help youtofind the number ofburgers remaining. Go ahead find all theburgersand save your mom’sname in front of her relatives.Download this free fun app and have a skillful play!Instruction:Touch and select the objects in the kitchen and find allthehiddenburgers. Complete the app with the hints provided beforethetimeruns out.Features:• Free to Download.• Awesome App.• App for Kids & Girls.• Timed Mode.• Hidden Objects App.• Skill App.• Hints Provided.• Need to be a Good Observer.
Sky High burger building Mania
Vips fun Games
Your hungry customers are waiting fororderscompletion! Fulfil orders as faster as you can and earnmoretips.Play sky high burger mania on your phone and cop withtherequirement of the customers.Take care and collect ingredients only listed in orders.Otherwiseyour tip amount will get deducted. And also you collecttop bunwithout all required ingradiants listed in order, order willbefailed and have to start from first order!As you continue completing orders you will get higher orderstofulfil. Make your customers happy by accurate service.Have fun with free burger making virtual chef game and becomechefby profession! Now you can manage restaurant at you own!It'scomplete virtual restaurant management and accurate burgerdeliverygame.
Burger Taps 1.0
Dummy Software
Time to get hungry for hamburgers in thegameBurger Taps! The object of the game is simple. Tap thehamburger orcheeseburger to score 10 points. Burger Taps advancesin difficultywith each point scored! Extremely easy game-play Greatcasual gameto play during quick breaks, easy to start, easy toend.