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宽立麻将十三张 1.3.2
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麻将十三张 --* 单机版四人麻将,使用国标麻将13张的规则,配有美女真人声效和出牌提示,软语酥音醉人迷~~* 网络版四人麻将,请呼朋唤友,避免三缺一的等待iPad上牌比较大,打起来比较爽快。iPhone上牌比较小,要仔细选才行,注意哦.有问题请发信或评论:-)欢迎尝试!Mahjong thirteen -* Standalone Edition four mahjong, use 13 GB mahjong rules,withlive sound and beauty tips cards, soft words crispsoundintoxicating fans ~* Network Edition four mahjong, please Hupenghuanyou avoidwaitingSan QueyiiPad on the card is relatively large, fight more readily.iPhone on the card is relatively small, carefully selected forthejob, pay attention to Oh.Have questions or comments letter :-)Welcome to try!