Top 24 Games Similar to Angry Pokemon

Pixelmon MOD MCPE 0.14.0 1.2
ProSoft Inc
Pixelmon Mod for Minecraft PE ofmanythingsfrom the show, including Pokemon, gym badges,andbattling.A fun feature of Pixelmon Mod for Minecraft PE is that youcancatchPokemon in a 3D poke ball, and even see yourPokemon'suniqueattributes which consist of habits,damage, armor and aggression. This isnt just a cosmeticmodthatgives facelifts to models already existing in thegamePixelmonactually includes an attack system ripped rightfromPixelmon Modfor Minecraft PE, with over 500 individual attackmovesand evenstatus ailments, to make it play and feel much likethehandheldPokemon games. This Pixelmon Mod for Minecraft PEevenafunctioning pokedex for keeping track of what monsterstheplayerhas caught!Pixelmon Mod for Minecraft PE is pack of mod it have manymodinthis appEvery mod has title, description , screenshot anddownloadbutton.Search any mods for mcpe you want just browsefavourite modandpress DOWNLOAD ... Done!This Pixelmon Mod for Minecraft PE can only beappliedwithBlockLauncher application and you need install the fullversionofMCPE and BlockLauncher in your smartphone or tablet.This is an unofficial application for Minecraft PocketEdition.Thisapplication is not affiliated in any way with MojangAB.TheMinecraft Name, the Minecraft Brand and the MinecraftAssetsareall property of Mojang AB or their respectful owner.Allrightsreserved. In accordance with
Cool Lock Screen 0.0.3
Perfect tools
Beautify your lock screen withcooleffect.It is free.
Quiz:who's Shadow Pokemon? 1.2
Lam Studio
Do you like logo quiz, trivia games?Playerguess name of monster from the shadow of them.Guess the brands with "Quiz:who's that Shadow Pokemon?"Quiz:who's that Shadow Pokemon? is a free game where you guessthenames of thousands of PokemonChallenge your memory and come back to your childhood.**Hope so that you have good time with this game.**ALL RIGHTS FOR THE SHADOWS BELONG TO Nintendo Company Ltd.**
Weakness Check for Pokemon 2.1
Easily identify the strengths and weaknessesofthe Pokemons that you encounter: Search and select a Pokemon toshowhow each element affects this Pokemon, or directly enterelementtypes. Very fast and easy to use.
Haypi Monster 1.6.2
Haypi Inc
Haypi Monster is a world where monstersbattleagainst one another. Collect hundreds of monsters and formyourdream team through evolution, breeding, and synthesis. You canalsoteam up with other players to duel other players, challengebosses,and save the world!★★★★★ The most authentic and exciting monster gameoutthere!★★★★★ Free download. You can have fun without paying a dime.★★★★★ Newbie gift packages to make the game more fun.Features:★Journey through six scenes and hundreds of levels. Anepicadventure awaits you!★Over a hundred monsters can be discovered and captured.Eachmonster has its unique set of skills from one of 8elements!★Manage the advantages and disadvantages of each monstertypewisely. Challenge powerful bosses and win excellentprizes!★Power up and do severe damage to your opponents by masteringyourbattle tactics!★Keep leveling up and use evolution tools to make your monstersmorepowerful!★Use magic scrolls to synthesize your common monsters intorarerones!★Breed powerful baby monsters and bless them withextraordinarypower!★Multiplayer combat! Team up with your friends or do PVP to seewhothe best player in the game is!★Participate in the Ladder Tournament and compete with playersfromall over the world!You will discover even more cool features along the way!Haypi Monster will definitely bring you an excitinggameplayexperience! Start your adventure now!Note: Internet connectivity required.
Terra Monsters 1.1.2
**If you came here looking for Terra Monsters3this isn't it, go to this store pageinstead!**Email us at [email protected] forcustomersupport.Rid the region of evil with the help of your loyal TerraMonstersin this open world creature capturing game. Battle yourway tobecome the champion of the Dart region while solving themysteriesof Terrarium. Are you ready for the adventure? TerraMonsters is afree download but costs 99c to unlock the fullgame.Features- Collect, raise, train and battle 178 Terra Monsters, including7legendaries!- Create unique monsters with talent traits and over 200 movestochoose from- An open world with over 10 different regions to explore- A thrilling story line and mysteries to solve- Amazing Monster designs- Your own ranch to care for your own Monsters- Hours of gameplayhttp://www.terramonsters.com
Who Am I? Pokemon Edition 1.0
For super fans of Pokemon! The classicheadsupguessing game on your mobile for 2 or more players!Show your knowledge of todays biggest PokemonStars!includingGreninja, Arceus, Mew, Pikachu, Sylveon,Charizard,Genesect &Rayquaza!Just press PLAY to start, put your phone to your head andaskyourfriends questions to guess which Pokemon Star! Friendscanonlyanswer YES or No and you have 60 seconds to guess thewhoyouare!Can you beat the clock and impress your friends?!Ideal for all ages for party time, xmasholidays,vacations,travel and totally FREE!
Onet PaoPao 1.01
BlueSea Studio
Onet PaoPao, the game you have played onPClongtime ago.Now it's available on AndroidThis is one of best for killing free time, training youreyesandbrain.**** How to play Onet Animal Match : ****+ Remove 2 animals with the same kind which can be connectedwithin3lines.*** Features Onet PaoPao : ***+ Classic game play.+ Nice graphicIf you like connect / matching game, then your will lovetoplayanimal connect onet games.Download free game now and enjoy!
Poké Draw 1.7
«Poke Draw is going to make you crazy! Inlessthan 45 seconds, you must try to reproduce, the best waypossible,the model Pokemon. 251 Pokemons are available from thefirst to thesecond generationHave fun and share your master pieces on our webpage PokéDrawGallery.
Pet Go 2.7
Talking Baby
This is a world parallel to the real world.Thedifference is that here are lovely pets. You will betransformedinto a pet trainer into the world. Carefully observethe aperture onthe ground. There may be hidden cute pets. Go tothe rotatingbuilding to get pet food. Throw food to them and catchthem. Lovethem, play with them. Enjoy the world.Features:The current most popular LBS and AR game mode.Walking in the virtual world.AR mode allows you to find the pets around.He caught him and brought him around.
Cats GO 2.0
Throw a Pokeball and catch a cat! Walkthroughthe city to find as much cat breeds as possible! You have tofindthem all! Cats GO is a amazing simulation of catching kittenstoyour Pokedex. You can catch up to 30 different animals. Lookforthem around you. Phone's camera can help you finding cats. Runtheradar to find out where they are hidden!How to fill your Pokedex?1. Walk through your neighbourhood and wait while cat radarwillalert you. The cat is near you!2. Throw the Pokeball on the cat3. Add the cat to your collection!
Masterball 2.05
First you start with thenormalStarterball!It is possible to unlock other balls.To unlock the balls you have to reach:Great Ball: a certain highscore Great Ball.Ultra Ball: a certain highscore and at least 30 played gamesMaster Ball: unlocked the Great Ball and Ultra Ball, you can watchasingle video to unlock the awaited Master Ball or buy itbyyourself.Information about the game:♣ You must hit the ball with your finger on the lower half oftheball♣ If you miss the ball you get -1 point♣ With every hit the ball will get faster and smaller, if youmissthe ball the attributes go back♣ The masterball is the only ball that gives you +2 pointsbytouching him. A general rule is: the better the ball, theslowerrise/sink (speed, size) the attributes, whereby you can reachahigher highscore♣ In the shop you find all locked balls, your highscore, yourplayedgames and if you haven't unlocked all balls yet, the amountofvideos you watched so far♣ Google Play Games: online-highscore & achievementsCredits:Logo, 3d Balls and Icon designed by RFZR:Facebook: onFacebook: case you notice any mistakes or bugs, please let me know inanE-Mail:[email protected] mistakes and/or bugs will then be fixed in thenextupdate.Have fun!
Pikachu Go 2016 1.0.1
Game R
Pikachu go 2016 - cổ điển phiên bảncũ,từngxuất hiện trên máy tinh 2003 đã trở lại Google Play. Đồhọagameđúng kiêu moi PCNhững tính năng đặc sắc pikachu go 2016- Hoàn toàn offline, không phải online internet- Game dung lượng nhẹ, dễ download, go- Thao tác đơn giản, moi me, màn hình gameplay vừa nhìn- Trò chơi pikachu mang phong cách go cổ điển, pha lẫnkiêumoi- Sắp tới sẽ cập nhật phien ban pikachu kieu moi, nhiều nhanvậtgo2016 ngộ nghĩnh. Đồng thời ra mắt pikachu online, đấu trícùngbạnbèChúc các bạn chơi game pikachu go 2016 vui vẻPikachu go in 2016-theold classic version, has appeared on the planet in2003hasreturned to Google Play. NewWorld game graphics right PCThese unique features go pikachu 2016 - Completely offline, not online internet - Game-capacity lightweight, easy to download, go - Simple operation, new, gameplay screen, looking - Games go pikachu classic style, mixed with new style - Upcoming versions will update kieu moi pikachu,manyfuncharacters go in 2016. Pikachu simultaneouslylaunchedonline,match wits with friendsWish you go pikachu 2016 gaming fun
Doodle : Kid | Joy 1.0.1
Doodle:Kid | Joy, provide a creativedoodleworld for each kid !And the most important is kids canplayback thedoodle process as a cartoon!Kids could enjoy the joy ofdoodle.Andkids could redraw previous works at anytime!Whether kid’s whimsy or adult’s conceit,Each works that you create are unique and wonderful!Get more childlike innocence ,Get more joy !Don’t miss the best interesting doodle game ! DOWN LOAD NOW !Rainbow brush,neon brush,dreamy highlighter,which one is thekidsfavorite ?The simplest doodle way,free your imagination now!★“Cartoon” mode : playback the doodle process as a cartoon.★ 20+ Magical paintbrush:rainbow ,neon ,pearl ,flowers brushandmore.★ Radom color variation ,there’re full of pleasant surprise.★ Doodle on photo from Camera or Gallery!★ My Gallery : to show your drawing as an artist!
Đại Chiến Pikachu (dap chuot) 1.0
Game Blast
Pikachu Búa Chiến (picachu bua chien) làtròchơi phong cách đập chuột cực kỳ hay, hấp dẫn.• Hệ thống vật phẩm đa dạng: tim thiên thần, bom, búa hạothiên,triệu hồi boss...• Gồm hơn 100 màn chơi cuốn hút, với nhiều quái vật đặc sắc:thỏset, chó địa ngục, bom, hòm ma...• Gameplay vui vẻ ,đơn giản, dễ chơi.• Game hoàn toàn miễn phíCách chơi:• Hãy nhanh tay dùng búa để tiêu diệt quái vật, triệu hồi BOSSchiếnđấu.Chúc các bạn chơi vui vẻPikachu WarHammer(Luxembourg picachu chien) is the game style mouse damsorextremely attractive.• System diverse items: angel heart, bombs, hammershạodisasters, summon boss ...• Includes over 100 gameplay attractive, with many uniquemonster:rabbit set, hell dog, bomb, box ma ...• Gameplay fun, simple and easy to play.• Full Free GameHow to play:• Be quick to use a hammer to kill a monster, summon theBOSSfight.I wish you fun
Monster Go 1.0
Monster GO NOW! and get fun chatchinglotofmonsters in your city or house.
Picachu New 2016 1.0.3
Picachu is game classic very funny from2003.Itis very common game so on.Game has 3 mode:1. Picachu classic- Player must find all twin animal and connect them- When user find and connect all animal the level will pass- Players have 10 support from game.2. CatchPhrase- Player will answer the meaning of image which game bring.- Player will fill the meaning in text box.3. Picachu Catch phrase- Player must connect all twin animal- Player must answer the meaning of image which isabackground- Player will pass level if answer the phrase of imageLet tell us your opinion about game. Contact us if you haveanyideafor game.Email:pikachu game [email protected]:
Picachu co dien 1
Game classic
The best classic version of onetgame(kawai2003) with original icon graphicPicachu classic for android phone and tabletFeatures :- Support multi screen for android devices.- Support HD Screen resolution.- Support android version 2.3 to android version6-MarshmallowHow to play:- Connect animal plus- Each of the game started with a fixed time, you have toremoveallthe animals on the screen before time runs out.- Connect 2 animals with up to 3 seams to make them gone.- Catch the stars flying across the screen to increase thehintanduse it if you have trouble.Please enjoy this picachu game
Heroes & Monsters 3.8
In a world of Humans, Monsters, GodsandDemons, only the fastest and strongest will prevail. Embark uponafun and adrenaline filled journey with your own pet Dragon.Takecontrol of the elements and fight to the top! Conquer theflamingwilds, vast oceans, deep forests and sacred temples.Gathermonsters, heroes and mythical beings! The world rests in yourhands– and yours alone."The gameplay is so addicting. It is a wonderful match-3 game!" (Rating: 9.7/10)Game Features:Exciting new match 3 RPG with the cutest Heroes andMonstersaroundFun filled battles and tons of levelsEasy and fun to play, but a challenge to masterMix and match Gems for thrilling combosHundreds of monsters to collect and upgradeChallenge other players and put your skills to the testDaily events and special battlesFree items and giveaways every dayAnd What Are Our Players Saying?"Nice game & easy to play!""Fun and easy to understand. Great game for beginners.""One of the best games on Android!"So what are you waiting for? The world of Heroes &Monstersis waiting for you!Visit our fan page at the latest news.
Pikachu Classic 2017 4.2
Sun Monkey
It is fun, it is popular, it is classic, itislegend...Wait for it...Dary - It is our PIKACHU CLASSIC 2017 -thenewest, most updated version of your favorite pikachu game(kawai2003). No more advertising, the once Empire has come backwith morefeatures and better than ever:BIG UPDATE:-Event RANKING: Your skill determines your rank. Leaderboard willbesorted by the highest score of each player during event time.10players who have the highest score will receive eventrewards-Event FARMING: The more you play the higher rank you get! Thescoreof each level will add to the total score inleaderboard.Leaderboard will be sorted by total score of eachplayer. 10players who have the highest score will receive eventrewards- New level with ICE:+ ICE will lock item so you can not eat.+ Eat a item beside ice will remove ICE then you can eatthatitem.- ORIGINAL Pokemon icon plus NEW ones.- Select multi graphic displays- Support multi screen for ALL android devices.- Support HD Screen resolution.- Support android version 2.3 and up.How to play:- Connect animal plus- Each of the game started with a fixed time, you have to removeallthe animals on the screen before time runs out.- Connect 2 animals with up to 3 seams to make them gone.Please enjoy this pikachu gameNote: when no item beside the ICE, you will lose. Because icecannot be eaten anymore!
Onet connect animals free 7.7
N&M Studio
★ A new feeling, attractive, withasuper-cutecharacters, , all will be in Onet connect animal free–an highentertaining game, with many gameplays anddifferentlevels.★ Onet connect animal free inspired of series pikachuclassic.★The game has many new features:- 50+ levels to explore- The graphics are very nice very cute- Auto-save point to continue playing- Ranking the highest point and the highest ranking level- There are hints if you can not find the pair.★Game Onet is a form of intellectual challenge game andthequickhand and your eyes.★How To Play the Game Onet - Pikachu Game - Kawai Game:connect2identical images. The two images are joined together ifthepathbetween them is not obstructed and less than 3 lines. Thisisonesimple game, you can play anytime, anywhere!★Wish you happy!--------------------------★Please contact us if you encounter any problems in thegame!★
Pikachu Connect Animal 1.6.3
How to play?- The main objective of this game is to remove all tiles by match2same images under 3 straight lines and there is no othertilesblocking on the connect line path.- Use hints if you get stuckFeatures:- 4 unique game play- 3 Game difficulties mode: Easy, Normal, Hard.- More than 120 Levels for challenge and more will constantlyupdatein the future,- Lovely graphics with many cute animals from farm, ocean andsomecool monster animals.- Smooth animation effects and sounds.- Online leaderboards - show you're friends who's thebestplayer!- Perfect run on old android handsets and tablets (2 - 3yearsago).- Clean UI/UX.- Easy to play and can play with 2 or 3 family people.Enjoy 2017 with our pikachu game! Please contact us directlyviaemail if you find an issue or have a suggestion for us, thatwillsurely help us to improve this game.
Invizimals™: New Alliance 1.07
DOWNLOAD IS FREE, BUT YOU WILL NEED TOPURCHASETRADING CARDS IN ORDER TO PLAY THIS APP.Invizimal™ Hunters, the Alliance needs you again!Discover all the new creatures from Invizimals™ TheAlliance,their new evolutions, and the brand new enemy faction,theXtractors™.Keep all your cards in place with the new expansion, and enjoyyourcreatures anywhere you go with this fun to play app.Use your mobile device’s camera to add new Invizimals™ toyourcollection by scanning each of your cards. Request the help oftheTrade Advisor in your transactions with your friends and growyourcollection by finding all the missing creatures.Scan a habitat card to generate a virtual battle arena. Pickthebest Invizimal™ for each habitat, add vectors, and send it onafierce battle against its opponents. View the combat in realtimeand win more creatures for your Invizimals™ team.For more information, please visit the official Web Siteat:http://www.invizimals-tcg.comReady for the hunt?• Scan your Invizimals™ cards to add them to your collection.Donot lose sight of which ones you already own, and which onesyouneed to acquire.• Connect with your friends to get hints on which Invizimals™cardsyou need to swap with them.• View on screen the best battles of your Invizimals™ or joinafriend to watch them together.• Use the Board Advisor to learn the basic game rules of theboardgame, and become an expert hunter.Important notes for Invizimals™ hunters:• To use this app, you need at least two Invizimals™:NewAlliance cards (sold separately)• Remember this app only works with the Invizimals™: NewAlliancecards (use separate app for cards from Invizimals™:HiddenChallenges)• Visit to learn much more about themysteriousworld of the Invizimals™.Software subject to license
Kyodai Game 1.1.2
Kyodai Game ( pikachu ) is a puzzlegamechallenges your perspicacity and agility! Pair up 2 samecardswhich can be connected by a line folded no more than 2 times.Clearall table to reach next level. The faster you are, the higheryourscore you have!Play version 2 at: