Top 2 Games Similar to Flappy Chicken

Jump Chicken 1.1.1
"Jump Chicken" is a worldwide popular gamethatis easy to get and the players just can't let it go.You need to make the chicken jump along a bending and narrowroadwithout making a single mistake. And yes, it is not that easytodo. Are you ready for the challenge? Then go and make yourchickenjump the furthest. Go and try your best to make your chickenrankinto the TOP list of the "Jump Chicken".
Chicken Go Go 1.0.1
Be warned, this journey isextremelyaddictive...You, are the chicken trainee! You are the newbie chickenwhodetermines to be a real brave heroic chicken!As a chicken, what could be more challenging thanrushingstraight in a dangerous road full of cliffs, rivers andblocks? Nowplease cheer yourself up and engage in this journey tomake a greatbreakthrough~!