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WorldCraft : 3D Build & Craft 2.7
Playlabs, LLC
Download and Play Best FREE 3D sandbox blockscraft game with Creative Multiplayer and Survival Modes! Buildcreative 3D world online, get resources, craft items in survival,tame animals, watch out mobs and survive! Explore worlds created byothers. Create your own worlds and upload to Multiplayer mode forexploration by others.Join 10+ million players online worldwide!Build and craft your house, mine, city, village or whatever you candream of with many other users online in Multiplayer mode. Exploreuniverses created by others. Craft and upload your own 3D maps andcreations from single player mode to online Multiplayer server toplay with others!Start your survival and exploration game on the infinite randomlygenerated 3D maps or create your own 3D worlds from blocks withthousands of random players or friends online in Multiplayermode.Create your own survival game on the infinite 3D map! Finddifferent resources, craft new items, craft blocks and build yourown shelter to survive the nights! Watch out zombies, pumpkin headsand other mobs to save your health and hunt down eatable mobs tofight your hunger.Worldcraft is free but it has numerous features you love on yourAndroid phones and tablets like infinite 3D worlds in the Survivalmode, new attacking mobs like Pumpkin heads, Multiplayer inCreative mode where you can build anything with friends and anyonein the world, ability to chat in the Multiplayer, select your ownskin and much more!Features:• Survival for single playing, crafting, building and mobs• Creative mode for Multiplayer Mode• Colored Chat in Multiplayer mode• Chat Parental control with password. Disable chat for youngerchildren.• 4 Block Texture Packs to select from• Password-protected maps for friends or people you know• Create read-only maps viewable to other usersWorldcraft is not an official app of Mojang. Minecraft PocketEdition (PE) is a trademark of Mojang AB, and this product isn’tconnected with or approved by the developers of this game.
Planet Craft 4.3
Playlabs, LLC
Build virtually anything from blocks by yourown or together with your friends or random people from around theglobe via multiplayer.Explore truly endless world made from blocks with thousands ofother players online worldwide. Cities and megalopolises, ancientcathedrals and castles, lost aircraft and ships, flying islands,epic monuments, Egyptian pyramids and many other exciting creationsand places are waiting to be explored.You can Teleport to any place on the planet using map with a singleclick. The game has compass and current coordinates display to makenavigation through the endless infinite world easier.You can see and chat only with those players which are locatedwithin your View Distance. In order to change your View Distance goto Options->Graphics and Sound->View Distance slider. Becareful and do not use high value in this field for low memory/slowdevices. It is recommended to use View Distance of 3-4 for olderAndroid phones and tables. You can use value of 5 or 6 for latesthigh end devices with Retina Display and more than 1MB ofRAM.Since the Planetcraft world is huge we have added ability toTeleport to any place. You can teleport to either any place of theplanet using Map and Coordinates or to any player in the game justby clicking on his name in the Chat window or in the Players Listwindow.Features:• Infinite world made of blocks available online to allplayers• Unlimited amount of players worldwide• Get daily FREE coins every day!• Ability to teleport to any place on the planet using Coordinatesbutton at the top of the screen• Ability to teleport to any player. Use “Player Teleport” buttonnear the Coordinates display at the top of the screen or click onthe Player’s name in the Chat window.• Endless amount of beautiful buildings and places made of cubes toexplore• Chat with all players within your View Distance• Ability to select unique color for all your chat messages• 20+ player free skins to select from• 7 skins packs and more then 160 skins to choose from Store• Get daily FREE coins and spend them in the Game’s Store!• Works over Wi-Fi and 3G, 4G and LET