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Noahs Ark 1.1.5
TWJ enterprise
Fun game with challenging levels. HelpNoahsave the animals from The Great Flood. Use your finger toswingNoah around and to build momentum. Remove your finger toreleaseNoah. Awesome animated intro shows Noah building the ark.Lots ofachievements can be earned and shared. Users share andcompete forhigh score in this Christian made, Bible story themegame.
Noah's Ark Bible Match Game 1.0.0
Ebry Dobby
New for 2015, parents and grandparentslovethePastor-approved Noah’s Ark mobile app, becausetheirkidshave a blast playing the different levels of thegame,improvingtheir matching skills, and learning the amazingtruthabout thegreat flood.Noah's Ark comes to life when children identifyandmatchanimals to get them on the Ark, while increasingtheirbibleknowledge. More than a 100 short fun facts arepresentedvisuallyand audibly to tell the story. Kids enjoy hearingotherkids speakthe audio fun facts (recorded by 25 kids at aChristianAcademy inFlorida). Each fun fact is supported by thereference andlink,e.g., "The rainbow is a sign of God's promise toNoah andeveryperson for generations to come." Genesis 9:12-17This app is not based on the Noah movie, butonbiblicaltruth!Your child will learn:• memory skills• to identify 19 animal kinds• to match animals• the thrill of matching animals with less and less turns• the Noah’s Ark story• Scripture referencesFeatures:• Game and fun facts are available in English or Spanish• Touch a member of Noah’s family for names and a quick bio• Learn fun facts about each kind of animal• Learn 80 fun facts about the bible story• All facts link to source material, e.g., scripture orAnswersinGenesis, etc.• Fun facts have audio and text• Best scores, by level• Encouraging applause for each animal match• Highly intuitive• Independent play• Four playing levels:• • Beginner level with 8 animal matches• • Medium level with 10 animal matches• • Hard level with 12 animal matches• • Challenging level with 15 animal matches• Animals appear “randomly” within each level, on each game,soachild can play one level multiple times and it will seemneweachtime!
ゆっくりメダル お宝大冒険 1.0
ゲームセンターやキッズコーナーにある様なメダルゲームだよ!くるくる回るルーレットを通過してメダルをゲットしてね!------遊び方------まずはメダルをベットしよう。最大10枚までメダルをベットできるけど最初は5枚くらいがオススメだよ。メダルが増えてきたら多めにベット!緑のボタンでメダル10枚(10枚足りなければ最大所持枚数)を一度にベットできるよ。ベットを決めたら赤いボタンでスタート。ボールが出てきて各チェックポイントに止まったらくるくる回るルーレットの「V」ゾーンを狙ってここだ!と思ったら赤いボタンを押してね!ルーレットに突撃するよ。「V」ゾーンを3回突破すればゴールルーレットに到着だ!入った倍率のメダルが貰えるよ。メダルが0枚になっても自動で補充されるよ!安心だね。メダルが溜まってきたらこれくしょんモードでお宝をゲットしよう!メダル30枚で懐かしのおもちゃをゲットできるよ。何が出るかな~?そんな感じで目指せお宝フルコンプリート~!※ゆっくりは東方project様の二次創作キャラクターです。このアプリの開発者は、安心・安全なアプリの開発者であるとしてアンドロイダーの公認デベロッパーに認証されています。https://androider.jp/developer/83c0f0a0c82bb80c498b1af954dc7661/Game CenterandChildren'sCornerBut there is such medal game on!Through the Spinning rouletteThen get a medal!------ How to play ------First, try to bet a medal.You can bet medals up to 10 picturesThe first is a recommended about five.Larger amount of betting Once medals has increased!10 medal with a green button(Maximum possession number if there are not enough 10 sheets)The can bet at a time.Start with a red button when you decided to bet.Each checkpoint came out ballTo the Spinning roulette when it stopsHere it is aimed at the "V" zone!You press the red button when you thought!To assault the roulette.If the breakthrough three times the "V" zoneWe arrived at the goal roulette!Nowak medals entered magnification.Supplemented with automatic even medals to 0 sheetsIt is! That's peace of mind.Collection After the medals have accumulatedTrying to get the treasure in the mode!Medals 30 sheets a nostalgic toysYou can get.What comes out kana ~?In such a feelingAim treasure full complete ~!※ slowly is secondary creation character east project like.As a developer of this app, is a developer of safeandsecureappIt is certified to certified developers of andro riders.https://androider.jp/developer/83c0f0a0c82bb80c498b1af954dc7661/