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Pedometer & Fitness Tracker 1.8.8
All-in-one fitness & activity trackerforyour diet, weight loss and health! Track your walk steps,sleep,heart rate and more 24/7. It's 100% Free. No smart bandorgadgets required.FEATURES✔ Pedometer counts your walk run steps 24/7✔ Sleep Tracker automatically detects how longyousleep last night with "Good Morning" greeting✔ Calorie Counter recognizes daily activitytrackingand counts calories burned automatically for your weightloss✔ Weight Tracker tracks your weight loss anddieteasily with BMI calculator✔ Place Tracker lifelog the places and locationyouvisited with low battery impact (less than 5%). Best fortimetracking.✔ Route Tracker records how much youmove(car,flight,bike/cycling) and shows routes on the map. Bestformileage tracking.✔ Fitness Tracker recognizes your motion ofdiverseexercises and sports workout (squat, push up, sit up, hulahoop,jump rope, elliptical, treadmill) beyond walk steps. NeedARMBAND.swimming, dancing, boxing, yoga, weighttraining/liftingadded✔ Heart Rate Monitor accurately detects yourheartrate pulse based on camera. No daily limit onmeasurementDIFFERENTIATION• IN-DEPTH ANALYTICS (top 5 place/route, sleep, walkpatternwith daily/weekly trend)• AUTOMATIC fitness workout tracker (vs. Manualinput-basedtracker)• MINIMAL battery drain (vs. GPS-based tracker)• PRIVACY first, store data only in your phone(vs.Server-based tracker)• 100% FREE, NO external gadgets or smart bands required(vs.Gadget-based tracker)• NO SYNC to server or gadget / smart bands , and thusmuchmore responsive• ADVANCED motion recognition of exercises(vs.Pedometer-only tracker)• EASY to share your favorite places and locationhistory(vs. GPS location-only tracker)NOTES• For sports and fitness workout trackers, please wear anyARMBANDwith your phone and REPEAT the gestures at least 5 times.Need toclick start button for the first run• In some phones, fitness tracker is not supported due to sensorandform factor limitation (except bike or cycling)• Pedometer for Nexus 5 and other latest phones uses hardwarestepcounter for minimal battery consumption• Weight loss tracking is not automatic, but manual. Clickpencilicon to add your weight• For sleep tracker, you don't have to put your phone in thebed.Just act as usual (e.g., phone in the desk withoutmovement).Currently, no support for daytime sleep.• For heart rate pulse monitor, place and lightly holdyourfingertip on the back camera lens until measurement screenbecomesRED. If your phone does not have flashlight, please measureinwell-lit region for accurate heart rate measurement.ABOUT USSenseMe is designed as an ultimate life logging andquantified-selfapp, especially focusing on walk fitness, diet andhealth. SenseMeis currently beta version. We'd appreciate yourvaluable feedback.Please, report bugs or request features [email protected] fun with SenseMe!